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A Made to Measure Digital Experience

Formation of A New Partnership

GKB Opticals, the most prominent name in the Optical Retail Business in India, partnered with Digitale
for a carefully crafted digital experience.

Creative Agency
While GKBs made to measure optical line was retail - revered, the brand had a negligible footprint in the digital realm. With the rise of omni channel commerce on the digital arena, GKB Opticals decided it was time to future proof their brand for better customer interaction. So, they partnered with Digitale for a new and carefully crafted digital experience to expand their reach beyond geographical boundaries.

Exploration Phase

Team Digitale's exploration phase was well designed. We as a team proposed the project to draw various changes in their website. Our overall proposition was sketched on 4 major hypotheses. Firstly, to reach new visitors and younger audience between the age group of 18-35 years in untapped markets. Secondly, to devise remarketing strategy for old visitors which is the corner-stone of digital success. Thirdly, to push the users further in the sales funnel from awareness to the purchase phase using distinct dynamic ads. Lastly, to market based on location, we prioritized the Western and Southern markets of India for the same for various categories.

Epic Approach

The core approach was devised on the following stance:

  1. 1. Drive sales across the channels and utilize the potential of Google & Facebook; the 2 largest digital ecosystems
  2. 2. Digitally build the brand awareness and footprint
  3. 3. Brand Future Proofing for the next generation of buyers
  4. 4. Relying on audience collection and bucketing for retargeting to create new and lookalike audiences
  5. 5. Run Dynamic Product and Remarketing Ads on both ecosystems

Digital Way Round

The base of the project was designed on building the organic flow of traffic and giving it the right amount of paid assistance. We relied on an extensive two-layered remarketing plan, dynamic display ads, Facebook carousel ads and brand-based search ads to capture intent.

On the organic front, we managed to lower the overall bounce rate recorded on the website which was much higher in previous months. Relevant traffic driven increased on the website. For most of the relevant category keywords, the brand successfully ranked on the first page to increase overall brand credibility.

Optimized carousel ads were run with the major idea of setting the goal of reaching the target audience. With Facebook carousel ads, we propelled the audience to push their endeavour from "Add to Cart" to "Purchase" phase. We ran multi-layered remarketing for consumers who already visited the website to push them further in the sales funnel. With the assistance of paid marketing, we were successful in attracting new and lookalike audience.

Creative Agency

Offer related posts were devised on the social platform to run campaigns on CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) models to induce sales based on a fixed price. The Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) displayed on Facebook and Google enabled to expose the product catalogue from old to new audiences alike. The plan of running an awareness campaign to expose users to our product range, offers and then pushing them basis the actions taken earlier on the website.

We managed to achieve a brand lift and increase in brand searches for GKB Opticals plus drive sales for low-end and high-end products alike.

Digital Finale

Within the first six months, the digital strategy and execution conducted by the Digitale team showed extensive growth in terms of paid & organic sales, website traffic and conversions.

The project witnessed an increase in the overall traffic by almost 20%. The digital execution successfully generated 200+ paid transactions per month and over 350 transactions per month. The efficient digital implementation included comprehensive campaigns, reduced bounce rate, improved keyword ranking for essential categories, relevant traffic and proper audience segmentation assisted the brand to unlock maximum potential on the digital platform.

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