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Moment Marketing With V-Day! #AdsWeLove

The year 2016 witnessed a momentous outpour of ‘love’ with the twitteratti worldwide mentioning it over 2.5 billion times. Following the trend, 2017 has experienced an overwhelming blend of love and affection.

With campaigns and contests filled with creativity, the brands have taken a leap forward to ‘woo’ their consumers in the digital realm. This has created an opportunity for the brands to create an impression on their potential customers. Globally celebrated as Valentine’s Day or V-Day, 14th February has developed an identity for itself in the minds of the consumer. Here are our picks on some of the V-Day campaigns -


Jewelry brand Tanishq portrays a newer angle and breaks Valentine’s Day cliché of gifting your better half. It stirs the audience to gift anyone they love – unhindered. Thereby, encouraging you to be your own Valentine. Watch the video here -


MTV India

MTV’s #LoveCantBeChee addresses the obnoxious acts which are accepted in the society, but not a same-sex relationship. It is a satire on people’s mindset with catchy music and witty lyrics.  Watch the video here -


Cadbury Silk

Cadbury Silk’s #SayItWithSilk aimed to create a trend of asking your ‘crush’ out with Silk. So the sweet and flirty aspect is highlighted with the Limited Period offer and heart patterns on the packaging.

                                                                                  <Ads we love'- Cadbury

Burger King

Burger King’s creative plays on an open statement with a coupon based contest. With word puns and relevant numbers like #14 and 99 ways to love, it certainly steals the show. The viewers are left wondering about the outcome for the same.

                                                                                  Burger King Valentine's Day

Mother Dairy Ice Cream

Mother Dairy Ice Cream plays on a reverse psyche and places its product as an inseparable item, which lasts longer than a ‘relationship’ on Valentine’s Day. The #ForeverIceCream trended around the social media platforms.

                                                                                  Mother Dairy V day


Aviva Life Insurance

Aviva Life Insurance brings in the health angle to the Valentine’s Day campaign rage with a healthy lifestyle.   The campaign focused on taking care of the heart condition of the couples with a just a meaningful policy. 

                                                                                  Campaign we love


The Digitale Squad feels that moment marketing is gaining impetus. Brands are on a constant spree to tap into newer opportunities to engage and leave a lasting impact on the consumer. Women’s day, Father’s day and even World Smile day have become popular with brands like Britannia, Titan, Durex anchoring on hash tags around the social media channels. So when is your Big Day?

PS: International Women's Day is on March 8!


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