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To Dad With Love

Can you believe it is already June? The month is waving so quickly that we can barely keep up with the excitement of espying Father’s Day.  A Father is the best friend and greatest role model that any child can have. To celebrate Father’s Day, we have rounded up few campaigns of 2017. If you are as sentimental as the squad here at Digitale, I recommend you to stock up on the tissues because few of these Father’s Day ads are pretty much sentimentally tear jerking.

M & S

Staying honestly true to the line Dad isn’t a title, it’s a verb, M & S strays on a spiky note. #SpendItWell, the incorporated hashtag makes the stance clear whether he is a textbook Dad Dancer or a pragmatic, strong and silent type, good happy time is what we should count on this Father’s Day.



Tanishq, the known jewellery brand vividly portrays sentimental attachment of a father – daughter relationship. Reliving every father’s dream of visioning his daughter’s wedding with all perfection and grandeur, the unstoppable gush of emotional storm surrenders the fathers to witness the one last moment with his daughter.



With the tagline Go Ask Dad, Gillette enlightens the essence of a father’s advice. Opening with fathers of different nationalities, the scene portrays lack of communication between father and son. Abruptly breaking through the chasm, the technology has created. With an app the brand successfully proves, dads know their child better.


Boots UK

A tranquil narration by the child swaddled in the awes of his father, praising him for the effort he makes daily. The effort of looking after his work along with his family makes him the best in the eyes of his child. The hard work of dad envisioned through the child’s eyes provokes him to present his dad with the best father’s day gift, a gift he needs the most.


Buffalo Wild Wing

Mimicking the actions of her dad while he watches the sports leaves the essence of innocence and unspoken love that holds on the grip stronger.  ‘Thanks for showing us how to love sports’ speaks myriads entrusting the core statement correct that fathers are the one who triggers the interest for sports.  



The message, it is always easy to show your dad how much you care, hits on a nostalgic sphere catering good vibes. Tesco articulately presents a series of short note spoken by the child to their father to visualize their mixed reaction of tearful joy out in public.


TD Ameritrade

Bagged on the nostalgic journey of fatherhood, TD Ameritrade relives the iconic ode voiced by Chapin. The verse drives on the testimonial essence of a father’s hard work as he invests on his child’s future endeavors. The voiced chorus, ‘I’m gonna be like you, Dad’ denotes intense admiration of the son for his dad.


Grand Canyon University

Dads go out of their way to make their child smile, may it be quarrying on extra time for the game of catch or waking up early to prepare the school lunch. Grand Canyon University celebrates Happy Father’s Day with a swirl bringing up a series of acts delineating emotional attachment of the fathers with their child.



Hitting hard on the child’s emotional aspect for his dad, the ad endows on a satisfactory note. McDonald’s pulls a commercial where the kid figures hard to find a common ground with his dead dad but every time his mum proves it wrong. By the end, when the boy gets ready to bite on Filet O Fish, his mum exclaims, it was his dad’s favorite too. The boy glances with a startled pleased look on his face.

As a Full Service Digital Media Agency, Digitale perceives the Father’s Day Campaigns as an essential envisage subtly portraying a momentous scheme bolstering the brands reach to the audience at large. The above Father’s Day commercial enlightens the audience with the best father’s day gift ideas precisely infused with sentimental emotions, passion, attention and enormous love.

By : Shazia Burke


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