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Google’s stargazing approach on a new product ‘Google Lens’ churning the AI value high is a profound way to search the internet through a camera.

Officially announced at Google I/O developer conference 2017, Google Lens App is an upcoming new technology designed for Android smartphone users.Stripping on the AI front, Google has steered the augmented wheels on. Primarily a search company with venturing reach on VR, gadget and classroom tools; the giant brand is sneaking the level beyond. Also, entitled as an AI company, Google justifiably has a planned picture affixed.

What is Google Lens?

 Google Lens App is essentially designed to cater the prospect of image search. You click a picture or take any random snap and leave the task on Google to identify what is in it. The AI accustomed computer vision has been around for long but with Lens the entire vision targets to clamber on a new AI chapter.

What can it do?

Let’s say, you snapped a picture of the restaurant and shared it on the Google Lens App. The lens can do more than just stating ‘it’s a restaurant’, which you already know, or ‘it’s Pizza Hut’ which you also know. It automatically can call upon the menu, enlighten you whether a table can be booked or can simply find you the hours.

If you share the picture of a beautiful scenic snap clustered with flowers.  Rather than initializing on redundant confirmation regarding its flower ness, Google Lens App is sure to illuminate you about the flower and its nature.

Moreover, the lens can also read a complex WIFI password and can automatically connect you to the network.

With what apps will it collaborate?

A full-fledged camera search engine, the Lens will closely be implemented into Google Assistant and Google Photos. Later on, the Lens will collaborate with other Google products.

With Google Assistant, the Android users can tap the Lens icon and share the showtimes outside a theater or gig venue on the information board. The Lens will present the users with a varied number of suggestions in their viewfinder. Suggestions such as the availability of theater tickets will be pinpointed with an additional prospect of booking details.

Initially, when Google launched the term Lens, it allowed the users to hold up the camera to sign in a foreign lexicon which like a talisman flurried them into a new screen. Google Goggles illustrated on the painting, landmark and barcoded products strewing the information out. Both the modes sound like precursors to Lens- and now, rather than having the same features on a standalone app, it is available throughout Google products.

Is Lens the next input of future?

Like Snapchat’s and Instagram’s AR feature, Google’s Lens feature presents a spurt of vision to understand more about the globe just by staring at it. Of course, the AI is affixed keeping the human techy brain in mind with no solemn emotions attached. If you place an image of a whale next to your nicely prepared food, the Lens will not disclaimer danger sign, in fact, it would present you with nutritional facts.

Likewise, Pinterest this year has also come up with a similar Lens proposition as Google.  Pinterest on receiving a snap from the user would mushroom up with recommended results. A user on sharing a snap of a packaged cauliflower or dress would vision recipe ideas or shopping recommendations, respectively. However, Google also plans to heap on a similar notion which certainly extends beyond this idea.  Concluding at an abstract level, Lens is a massive turnaround for Google.

When will it release?

 The release date is not yet declared. The announcement has been made thereby adhering on the future for its early release.

As a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, Digitale embarks the notion of justified reconciliation with Lens. The Lens tends to infuse real and digital worlds in a single frame bringing alive the elements of fun and simplicity. An edgy appreciation on the commencement of Lens would make camera -the next input of future.

By : Shazia Burke


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