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Channelizing The Customer In Digital Transformation

An average consumer opens his phone up to 100 times in a day! He has multiple options to engage and short time spans. He is well aware of the latest trends and looks for quick response and engagement.

There is an application for every type of service or need and the customers have multiple options for the same offering. Digital technologies have taken the consumer space by the gale. He relies more on research and slowly cultivates his intent over time. He bases his buying decisions on reviews and content online.

This triggers the steady shift of the marketplace towards the digital forum. In an era of heightened customer expectations, offering ‘customer support’ isn’t enough. The brand needs to be steady and confident about the offerings for tapping onto prospective ‘Omni-channel’ customers. In a competitive environment, delivering ‘digital customer experience’ is imperative.

Digital transformation has Darwinized the entire trend of how the customers interact with the brand. They tend to control the interaction they have with the brands available in the market. As a result, the user-generated content and brand storytelling are on the rise.  New age customer-centric brands are on a market disruption spree. They invest on the connected or always-on consumer squad with optimized digital tools and technology.

Digital stalwarts like Amazon, Facebook and Google have gone beyond tweaking the customer journey. There has been a complete change in operating models, communication and support. The customers are empowered and there has been a mindset shift  – the whole buying and selling model has changed. We live in an exponential era and the customers have the power to make or break a brand.

The need for appreciation from the digital populace is fuelling the digital revolution – are you ready?


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