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Social media marketing has continued to grab attention and headlines in the past year. With consumers increasing their time spend on social networks and apps; marketers are on a constant loop to upgrade strategies. Likewise, the duopoly between Google and Facebook have set a favorable mechanism for marketers. New marketing opportunities are being developed to connect with audience globally. The traditional marketing channels and principles are taking a backseat. We at Digitale, bring five distinct strategies that should be adopted by digital marketers to get noticed by consumers: 

Eliminate the calendar

Not that you should not plan your content ahead of time, but not for the sake of posting. The content should revolve around the brand communication, key sales moments and instill top of mind recall. Marketers should opt for moment marketing with a curated budget and opt for cross-marketing techniques.

Cross-medium planning enhances your customer experience

The social media platforms have their nuances and features but are widely used by marketers to send their message across. For example, a video can be uploaded and shared across multiple ‘Audio-Visual’ platforms. This gives a greater reach and strong ROI. It also brings in instant feedbacks and recommendations from the consumer’s end.

Adapting to the platform

While campaign outlining and strategy is done en masse, content cannot be put in the same frame. Facebook is a platform for running ads and reaching a targeted audience. Twitter is more on the wordplay end and triggers ‘brand wars’ while Instagram stresses on the visuals and hashtags. YouTube is used for videos and channel ads.

Plumbing calculative measures that matter

Interim digital measures are going to be difficult across multiple platforms. Calculating likes, comments, and shares for the post uploaded by the marketers are futile for crafting actual business result. The best solution is to rely on direct brand and sales research.

One to one communication is gaining vogue

Private messaging using emails and apps are gaining popularity. The audience is given a personal treatment with content addressing them directly. This brings in a word of mouth as the audience shares the message with their peers. A chain reaction leads to brand recall and targeted views about the brand. For example, Facebook’s Chat Bot enables brands to have a conversation with the user.

By : Shazia Burke


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