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Rising Trends Of Shopping Online

Do you know? Indians check their phone every five minutes! With changing demands and technological advancements, the price of smartphones have become affordable.

Similarly, the telecom sector has slashed the prices to offer pocket-friendly data packs to the consumers. With the success of e-commerce portals, there has been a shift to the mobile segment. Every time a user unlocks his phone, it is an opportunity for a brand to drive him from discovery to purchase.

The brands are luring more consumers to opt for m-commerce with lucrative discounts, coupons, and sweepstakes. The marketers are on a constant run to create rippling B2C digital marketing strategies. The strategies fall in line with the shift in how the customers' research, compare and purchase products on mobile shopping apps. The product information which was once held in catalogs can now be accessed on smartphones. This device can also be used to process transactions using payment portals.

Evolving demands of the B2C segment has led to the creation of apps and services for every vertical. The verticals largely comprise of food delivery and restaurant aggregators, shopping for lifestyle and clothing, medicines, groceries, raw materials, electrical fitting, and booking for airlines, railways and hotels. Midnight delivery has become a big rage as the consumers get to choose personal time slots for delivery. Mobile commerce gives the user the opportunity to share on social networking apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp.

There are various tools and parameters available in the market which help in measuring the key performance indicators (KPI). Pointers like cart abandonment rate, value per visit, the average order size are used largely. Based on data-based analytics, the problem areas are identified and strategies are developed. This makes the mobile shopping apps more effective at creating customer loyalty.

We at Digitale feel that the efficacy of mobile commerce fosters adhesive stickiness - A cohesive tendency which will attract shoppers towards their trusted brands.


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