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Emojis: The Unstoppable Trend of Digital Expressions

17th July, a worthy day precisely chosen to wallow in delight of Emojis. #WorldEmojiDay celebrates the plethora of emoji faces arched as a staple of expressing words.

A trendsetter, a rescuer of the visually driven, emotionally passionate and obsessively prompt globe- emojis has become a necessity for marketers. The self-expressive tool for the millennial generation has evolved as a centerpiece fostering anime communication.

The upsurge in visual trend has pushed brands to catch the coveted market to quench their digital appetite. Emojis doesn’t require a common language to understand what is being conveyed. So, how does that help brands? The best example that we can pull out is of McDonald’s and Dominos. Both the brands developed an entire advertisement campaign using emojis. Furthermore, the campaign was shown in every country without edits.

Dominos Emoji  Mcdonald's Emoji Campaign

Similarly, Britannia Cheese Spread Campaign, launched on World Emoji Day came up with a varied collection of emojis vividly expressing the reaction of each anime.

Britannia Emoji CampaignBritannia Emoji CampaignBritannia Cheese Campaign
Britannia Cheese Campaign

Snapchat on the acquisition of Bitstrips came up with personalized emoji named Bitmoji. The ability of the app to customise the skin tone, gender, clothing and hair style garnered tremendous user appreciation.

Snapchat Bitmoji App
Snapchat Debuts Bitmoji Stickers

Emojis are the perfect element of fun fostering emotional reactions may it be happy, sad or humorous. Utilizing emojis to drop text is a fun way to indulge in an engaging conversation. Instagram, the ultimate ruler of the department of hashtags accredits emojis as a part of the hashtag. Correspondingly, Twitter Ads, enable us to use emoji keyword to target the audience who have engaged or retweeted the tweets. Hence, Social media marketing has built their entire feature in and around emojis to keep their users engaged.

As a Digital Agency, Digitale feels that the trend of emojis are here to stay and their impact is certain to grow. Emojis represent an indispensable part of internet language. Incorporation of emojis in marketing strategies elongates the stay of brand. Brands that follow on the emoji bandwagon are more likely to survive and connect with the emotional aspect of their target group. The lexiconical imbue of the digital icon activates the cerebral segment of the consumer nurturing instant connect.  Therefore, as you surmise about utilizing emojis for your brand- be creatively inventive.

By : Shazia Burke


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