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How To Connect With Generations On Social Media?

More than 2.3 billion social media users ranging from Generation Z to Baby Boomers ply on social media for instant connect. According to WebFX, over 87% of Millennial are on Facebook, 50% of Generation X have Twitter account and 58% of Baby Boomers drop by specific website of brands after viewing it on social media.

There exists a considerable contrast between how generations connect on the social front. Each generation follows unique pattern and preference while scrolling through their newsfeed. Pertinent to the above marketers develop various forms of social content to resonate their target. Conforming to the idea, Hubspot promoted the findings of WebPage FX to reveal the growing requirement of marketing for each generation.

Baby Boomers

The essential driving force of generations, baby boomers is no stranger to inevitable change. 1/4th of this generation is the holder of Facebook accounts. They are brand led, loyal and action-oriented. More than half the populace tend to check out the brand’s website after stumbling upon their Facebook page. This action translates to higher traffic and more conversion rates. In comparison to the rest, boomers are slower at adopting social podiums and often switch to established networks. Most of them visit the social platforms between early to late mornings rather than at any other time.

Generation X

The Gen X is pegged in between- Baby Boomers and Millennial often get overlooked by marketers. Although low in number, they are tech-savvy and brand devoted in comparison to Baby Boomers. A typical Gen X at its parenting stage is more concentrated on savings for their children, family, and health. Social Campaigns focusing on this element have a greater chance at building connect with the generation. According to a study by Yahoo, hours in between 7 pm to 11 pm are the time affixed to build an engaging connects with Gen Xers.


Millennial comprise of adults between the age brackets of 20 to 34, precisely the first generation to be raised in the digital era. The average millennial audience has a lot of Facebook friends in comparison to other generations and they use it to network and connect. Studies show the potentiality of a millennial to get inclined and become devoted towards brand on creating a personal experience.

For example, Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign launched in 2014, utilized a dexterously designed label and a conclusive call to action tag to promote amongst the millennial organically. With this campaign, Coke experienced its first rise in the sale after a span of eleven years. “Share a Coke” tag became the most trending topic on the social platform and received an increase in 25 million followers on Facebook.

Generation Z

The youngest generation than the rest, Generation Z is present en masse at popular social media terrains. With the rise of generation Z, Facebook has witnessed a fall in their under 18 users. There has been a steady shift to other social podiums like Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. This generation is a believer of real-time conversation with digital led brands. Incongruent to the millennial, generation Z is less reactive to celebrity promotions. They look for thought-provoking ideas and challenges that push them for more.

As a Digital Agency, the DT Squad believes that social networking sites facilitate brands to connect with their users better with curated reach. Taste, time and social media channel preference of the target generation must be well determined by the brands before moving ahead with factual targeting method for successful interaction.

By : Shazia Burke


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