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How Will AMP Influence Digital Marketing?

Escalated user behaviour towards mobile has propelled brands to gauge their deliverable spree. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a lucid underway spurted by marketers to drive a better experience for end users on the primary device.

Before our trajectory stance on AMP, let’s explore and be articulate about-

What is AMP and Why is AMP important?

AMP is relatively an open source initiative with rudimentary text and images allowing content to load ten times faster than traditionally formatted content in mobile devices. A stripped-down version of HTML, JS or cache libraries; optimized Accelerated Mobile Pages come across as a lightning bolt encouraging higher interaction. Delineating a barebone version of a website page, AMP exhibits content that matters and chucks off unwanted elements that take a toll on the website’s speed and performance.

AMP Based Scrutinised Fact

With distinct variants like internet speed, mobile-friendly labels, and different screen sizes, reaching out on the ranking tycoon is a challenging chore.  The user experience begins with page load time. Despite the collaboration of mobile-friendly tag, the website might face trouble in loading due to technicalities of page design and development. This is where benefits of AMP looms in well.

According to a report by Google, more than 50 percent of the users employ mobile devices to perform online searches. The above figure portrays the credible importance of AMP content in assuring mobile-friendly site. In-depth research highlights the fact that 40% of users tend to bounce off any website that fails to load within 3 seconds. The findings portray a significant importance on the loading time of the content. Failure to accommodate factors like page speed, mobile readiness, user-friendly content makes the website lose potential conversions. While AMP is not at present the ranking factor, it does affect the impressions, clicks and user experience indirectly affecting the ranking signals.

Leading Edge Towards AMP

Residing in a fast-pacing world, users are in an instant go with interrogating queries from the approachable medium. On failure to deliver a relevantly speedy answer, the user feasibly switches to another medium. Therefore, a speedy website is likely to increase traction, engagement, page views, search impressions and shares. The key to availing a speedy website ticks on to AMP. Adopting an AMP platform retorts queries like how to open a page quickly, how to increase traffic to the website, how to improve website visitors. A simply put solution; AMP optimizes the mobile browsing experience for end users by stripping down to a standardized version.  Consequently, AMP doesn’t ameliorate engagement thoroughly on its own. If the content on the website is monotonous, AMP plays no significant role in fancifying the writing on the site. A perfect load time uncoordinated with poor content doesn’t fetch the SERP to increase. To achieve the best through AMP, the site must have the best of both segments; a steady load time well-coordinated with excellent content.

Final Wind Up

With less hesitation, the conclusion strewn is no business endeavors on losing conversions based on slow page speed. With on the go mobile involvement, the demand for updated content has elevated. Subsequently, the deliverable escapade of marketers has the capability of being succored by AMP.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, Digitale perceives AMP as a faster and nimbler medium asserted to serve users better. AMP reaches out to users who value quality content out casing the medium in formatted order that loads instantaneously hauling them to return back again.

By : Shazia Burke


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