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Impact Of Demonetisation On Digital Marketing

In one's life span you should never change an ultra-fine barber. In recent times there has been a paradigm shift, but your barber holds strong. He has become the game changer and opts for a digital payment in changing times.

The emergence of demonetization for a moment left us all unintentionally baffled and amplified over the Digital Divide. But this did not stop us from gaining digital cognizance. A momentous shift in the Indian economy indirectly facilitated and laid the foundation for a digital marketing boom in India.

Despite being enlightened about the benefits of cashless economy, the evolution took some time to sink into the mind of the masses. Brands like Paytm, MobiKwik, Citrus Pay and Freecharge gained a lot of popularity amongst the citizens of the country post demonetization. Likewise, the Government of India has also launched the Bhim app to assist the people over digital payments. There has been a massive surge in digital usage pattern from the consumers' end. Cheap availability of smartphones, subsidized data packs, and rural penetration have all played a crucial role in bringing this nascent field of digital into the limelight. What was once an 'option' has turned into a necessity.

Consumer behavior takes a digital leap with brands diverting their mainline approach. Interest has shifted to the digital arena which has a lot to offer to all brands. Real-time data analytics and targeted reach are the few features that enable the brand to stir the audience on varying touch points. The leap has also created opportunities for brands to engage with the new user who is always "on-the-go". Likewise, cross-market penetration and tie-ups are becoming popular and the consumers are benefitting from multiple ends. This is forming the base for the digital ecosystem and the consumers will soon have the power to break or build a brand.


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