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4 Social Media Strategies To Boost Your Business

The pass away of enraging days has transformed the e-commerce market into a competitive platform. Extreme competition has wavered the e-commerce business to clamber on social media strategies to strengthen and build on relationships with audiences for a loyal customer base.

We have jotted down four most powerful social media strategies that can be used to increase the social media reach and traffic on website.

Smart Targeting & Dynamic Product Ads

Leaving the advertisement out in the open for the masses is not a great idea. On figuring out the prospective customer base, the marketer must utilize targeting options provided by the social media sites to target the advertisement to the apt customer base. For instance, Facebook provides the marketers with varied targeting options depending on location, demographics, interest and language.  By utilizing the targeting options, the potential to reach and engage with the customers becomes effectively easy.

Dynamic Product Ads can be used to retarget the audience who earlier showed interest in a particular product. Dynamic Product Ads provide a great deal of flexibility and functional variety to e-commerce advertisers driving in more sales across devices.The dynamic display advertisement assists to reach out three distinct kinds of audience: New Visitors, Existing Website Visitors and Lookalike Audiences. DPA acts as a mix of display and remarketing ad tools used to speedily target users on the basis of past actions or inactions on the website of the advertiser through perfectly timed ads.

A classic example would be that of All Ayurveda’s dynamic product ad for Ayurvedic products to reach people who had earlier visited the website. The advertisement includes a “call to action” button that links directly to the booking process on All Ayurveda’s website.


                                                                                  Social Media Strategy

Facebook Carousel Ads are also another great method of showcasing e-commerce website products. The Ad not only assists to showcase the products in detail but also when displayed creatively can drive a great deal of traffic to the website. Carousel ad runs on optimized stride that portrays three treads namely view product, add to cart and purchase before the final conversion.

                                  Social Media StrategySocial Media Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has penetrated in the marketing mix of various industries. Three major industries where the influencer marketing is going high are the food, travel and fashion industry. Influencer marketing is a newer and an organized word for a retrospective term that means mouth marketing. Due to the advent of the internet and social media strategies, there has been a change in the way people work through the buying process. The present audience has become more efficient in the search process because of their constant lookout for comprehensive and genuine information. Before associating an influencer to the business, it is necessary to have a knowledge about the likeability, credibility and trustworthiness of the influencer. Influencers act as brand advocates for the consumers and therefore the information that they pull out must stand in sync with the business. The brand can utilize an influencer in numerous ways like product launches, engagement, events, campaigns and so on.

The influencer campaign done by Loreal sets a good social media strategy. Loreal is an e-commerce podium that deals with beauty, makeup and skin care. Loreal in late 2016 worked with 5 UK based micro influencers to market their products by launching a #beautysquad. The influencer marketing by Loreal made the stance clear that today’s marketers not only navigate cut and dried endorsement by celebrities but also reams off Instagram, YouTube and Twitter's famous contour advocates. This act assists the brand to drive in the fans of the advocates, thereby increasing the call out audiences for their brand.


 Product Videos

Majority online shoppers agreed on the fact that the biggest shortcoming of shopping online is not being able to physically touch the product. Images of the product from distinct angles and views might not in entirety explain the product’s functionality. Videos are now the recently preferred form of media and can play a vital role in gearing up your social media strategies. The e-commerce businesses should leverage on high acceptance of videos to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping experience. Videos provide a holistic experience for the audience and also gives a clear overview of different ways of how the product can be utilized.

On1y is a food brand catering to niche audience segment. The brand provides various flavours of spices, herbs and exotic seasonings. On1y takes the assistance of a lot of innovative ways to engage with the audience at large on the social network to create the buzz. In the screenshot given below, On1y has shared Live Video on Facebook of a food influencer cooking recipes and interacting with the audience. This instance puts the stride straight vividly portraying that product video and influencer marketing surefire on the same pace.  


Content Marketing via blogs

Blogging is a great way to drive huge traffic to the e-commerce website. It assists in increasing the rank of the site in SEO through various internal links and backlinks. Blogging is a useful way that acts as a problem solver for the audience. Most audience search for solutions to their issues online and therefore blogging can be a great way of providing solutions.

For instance, Scoop Whoop has brilliantly marketed its blog on Facebook garnering several reactions, likes and shares. This calls for a good example regarding content marketing.


As a Digital Marketing Agency, Digitale feels that it is necessary for the e commerce brands to identify the correct social media channels along with apt social strategies to leverage the brand. A B2B mode of social communication must quarry on LinkedIn and Google+ while the B2C mode of interaction must be largely reliant on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  If the social media platform is utilised strategically and creatively then it can assist the businesses to reach their target audience in a faster way.

By : Shazia Burke


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