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Snap Pixel Tracking To Measure Promotion Adverts

At the time when Snapchat originally introduced adverts in the year 2014, the social media company guaranteed to neglect adverts that were awfully unappealing and targeted. Now, it seems that the days of “targeted advert free Snapchat” are over. The social media company has planned to roll out Snap Pixel, a conversion tracking tool that will enable the advertisers to articulately measure the traffic driven to the brand’s website through the Snapchat advert. On adding the pixel code, the advertiser will be able to track the conversions stemmed from the Snapchat referral traffic.

With over 170 million users adding daily across the world, Snapchat exhibits an excellent chance for the brands to grow their target audience. Moreover, with the approach of the shopping season, the timing of releasing Snapchat tracking tool is near to perfect. Presently in its experimental stage, Snap Pixel will launch soon in the upcoming weeks.

How Will Marketers Change Their Perception With The Release Of Snapchat Pixel Tracking?

Over the years, Snapchat introduced a lot of things that include various ad formats, sponsored geofilters and distinct other tools to captivate the advertisers. Despite these ameliorations and up gradations, many marketing enterprises still did not consider Snapchat a must buy platform for advert dissemination. Even after the introduction of the advertising API in the year 2016, Snapchat struggled too hard to get the marketers interested. Moreover, the Business Insiders adduced a survey conducted by the Social Media Examiner which disclosed that only seven percent of the total marketers utilized Snapchat during the first quarter of the year in 2017.

Most of the social media podiums like Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter have already initiated conversion tracking tools. The conversion tracking tool allows the advertiser to properly credit the advert on the podium for driving traffic to the brands’ website. Since Snapchat lacked the conversion tracking tool, most of the advertisers placed the social podium on the back while allocating their advertising funds amongst the platforms.

Snap Pixel marks a considerable attempt to capture direct response advertisers, who earlier neglected the platform due to shortcomings in measurement.

How Will The Snap Pixel Work?

On adding the Snap Pixel code on the website page, the brand will be able to track the conversion derived from vertical video Snapchat Ads. Firstly, the advertisers must utilize the Snapchat’s advert purchasing tool to create the specific pixel. Then, the advertiser must select a particular website page to track. Through the pixel, the advertiser will be able to view the number of audiences that visited the page after viewing the advert on Snapchat. By utilizing the Snap Pixel, the email newsletter sign-ups and various other forms can be easily tracked.

On activating the pixel, the advertiser in real time will be able to view the ad campaign stats utilizing the Snapchat Ad Manager. The tracking data can be collected within twenty-eight days after the audience has viewed or interacted with the Snapchat advert.

The advertisers will also be able to specify and mark the event of conversion they wish to track, including the ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Add to Cart’. The 9 pre-defined conversion events are available on Snapchat. The available conversion events are:

•    Save

•    Purchase

•    Start Checkout

•    View Content

•    Add to Cart

•    Search

•    Sign Up

•    Page View

•    Add Billing

Digitale’s Take On Snap Pixel

We as a Full-Service Digital Media Agency, Digitale believes that Snap Pixel is sure to deliver promising results. The early examination has revealed a low cost per purchase for the adverts and a low cost per signup for the email newsletters. However, unlike Facebook and Google, Snapchat pixel tracking tool presently is structured only for the measuring purpose. While the Facebook’s pixel is utilized to serve the adverts to those who are most likely to convert, Snapchat’s pixel cannot. Presently, Snapchat has planned to include tags in the tracker that includes advert targeting. With the targeting tag, brands can zero on a particular target audience that has visited their website. This clear-cut point can assist Snapchat conversion tool to gain a considerable amount of benefit over the heavyweights like Instagram and Facebook. Hence, if you aim to expand your social marketing effort, you must consider Snap Pixel tracking.

By : Shazia Burke


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