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Breaking Through the Old Border

Up for Challenge

The Digitale Team was tasked by Lux Innerwear, a leading hosiery brand in India,
to recreate Lux Cozi as the brand of the future.

Creative Agency

With a new brand ambassador Varun Dhawan and their new partnership with KKR, Lux Cozi's major lookout was to strive on digital platforms. Their modus operandi was to enlighten end users about the evolutional change, increase their exposure and reach for their revamped product and connect well with the youth of today.

Our Perceptive Tour

Our perceptive proposition for the brand film was delineated on two stances. Firstly, we proposed them to release their new brand ad on social platforms like YouTube and Facebook to drive huge incremental reach on the digital podium along with television. The approach to time the digital launch of the film along with the mainline release was to deliver incremental audiences on their preferred screens.

Secondly, we advised them to rely on remarketing campaigns to increase the engagement of the audience who were already exposed to the brand film to induce product purchases.

This was followed up by the KKR campaign, we proposed them to rely on social media platform mainly Facebook for higher engagements and interaction by riding on the fever of IPL.

Tracking the Digital Path

Facebook and YouTube were the effective paths on which we clambered hard to strike down the proposed target audience. On YouTube, we effectively promoted their new brand film portraying Varun Dhawan as their new brand ambassador successfully earning around 1.3 million video views. The follow up Display and Remarketing campaigns garnered over 1 million exposures thereby driving repeat exposure and traffic to the brand e-store.

For the KKR campaign, the proposed age group was between 15 to 25 years. The allotted task in hand for the campaign was to upload the post on crucial match days and moments when our proposed target audience was on Facebook/Instagram and boost it to increase the reach for the proposed age group. We ran engagement posts, GIFs, KKR contests and Live Polls on the social platform to increase the reach. What this helped us achieve was embed the brand in the core social fabric and gain repeat exposures and a foothold with these digital natives. For the KKR campaign, we generated around 11.50 lakh impressions and garnered over 5000 clicks and 3 lac engagements with a reach above 7 lacs.

Creative Agency

Digital Climax

The devised core approach on the digital front was well designed by the Digitale Team. The digital strategies and execution conducted by the team showed extensive growth in terms of social traffic, brand video views and end conversions. The entire deport and handiwork straight from the launch of Varun Dhawan's campaign to the planned digital implementation of the KKR & LUX Cozi association was meticulously executed by the team garnering huge traction from the youth. This youth drive generated from the film campaign assisted us to perform well and drive relevantly more traffic for the KKR campaign. Therefore, with the break of the old border, we were successful in opening up to the new audiences for our brand Lux Cozi.

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