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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the process of driving search result-based traffic to fuel customer inquiries, sales and online revenue from the organic search results on major search engines. Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo convey primary search results where web pages and distinct contents like videos or business listings are shown and ranked on the basis of what the search engine considers salient or most relevant to the end users. Moreover, each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 600 times. Google occasionally rolls out major updates that significantly affects the search results. Therefore, the businesses require taking the assistance of SEO techniques and hacks all year round to remain on the first page of the Google search rankings. Here is where, Digitale, an SEO company fits in well. Digitale’s SEO services quarry on the mission to give your business the competitive edge by ranking your website through highly relevant category and brand-led keywords. Our SEO team comprises of in-housespecialistswith extensive knowledge of working in several verticals and genres. Our result-driven approach and skill-set ranges from providing optimized web pages with seamless user experiences which makes us a trusted name to work with: big household brands and small businesses alike.

SEO Services:

SEO Audit & SEO Report

We provide detailed and thorough technical audits that focus on fine-tuning your website to help perform to its maximum potential along with a detailed analysis of the category, competition and leads. We have been trusted to deliver solutions and SEO report and audits for some of the recognizable brands in India.

Strategized Metrics

Our strategies are mechanized and deliver a lot of value incorporated with a good job since it is considered an essential part to attain online success. All our strategies are delineated on the basis of a solid framework with measurable goals, SEO Metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) and a pre-decided review cycle for measuring continuous improvement.

Local SEO

Your audience or customers are searching for suppliers or certain service in their area and consequently, if your business fails to show up, this means – Your competitors are stealing your ground. As an expert in local SEO services, Digitale merges best organic practices with powerful targeting to make sure that your business shows up when your customers require you.

Technical SEO

Pivotal work or tasks that shelter under the bonnet are often swept under the carpet. From page speed optimisation to code compression, we enlighten our clients about every minute change that could help their website perform and provide the end user a better experience.

Link Building

A cluster of links helps to build page authority that acts as a major ranking factor for any website. Our SEO team generates shareable content, facilitates link building opportunities and thoroughly moderate links thereby removing harmful connection that might negatively affect your business and ranking position on search engines.

Monthly SEO Report

With the assistance of best market leading SEO reporting tool, Digitale as an SEO agency gives you personalized access to your SEO Key Performance Indicators like keyword rankings and SEO goals. Our SEO Report also allows you to compare the end result with your competitors.

In a nutshell, Digitale as an SEO agency provide the following SEO services:
1) Result driven SEO Audit
2) Ethical SEO strategies
3) Weekly status & improvements
4) Monthly SEO Reports
5) Keyword Ranking Reports
6) Category Performance Report
We work with clients across several verticals – food & beverage, retail, optical and eyewear, real estate and the B2B segment as well to name a few. Get in touch with our media experts today and they will assist you with tailor made SEO services and suggestions for your business.

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