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4 Things to Look for in an Instagram Marketing Agency in India

04-Jun-2021 | Social Media

Used by thousands across the globe, this social media platform enjoys great popularity for its image and video sharing features. It boasts 800 + Monthly Active Users along with over 1 billions users. But, it also provides advanced targeting options based on factors such as interest, age, location and several others.

However, advertising on Instagram assures no benefits to the business if not done right. That’s where we see the need for an Instagram marketing agency in India today! Many will counter and dismiss the need for an agency’s assistance. But before you do, ask yourself these simple questions


  • Are you still trying hard to gain more followers?
  • Is boosting your engagement rate a difficult endeavour?
  • Do you require expert assistance for your strategies and objectives?
  • Have you decided how to put your budget to the best use?
  • Do you lack the time and resources to achieve your social media goals?

If you can relate to these, using the services of an Instagram marketing agency in India will do you justice. But finding the best one comes with problems of its own. Luckily, we have shortlisted the best requirements to look out for when choosing an agency.

Here’s all you need to know.

Finding the Right Instagram Marketing Agency Now Made Easy

Range of services

Many are familiar with the role of a social media account manager on Instagram. But surely, he can’t create the copy and design the creative by himself or herself. We can all agree that there are too many skillsets involved in social media management for one person to master. Hence, the differentiating factor between agencies is their levels of expertise and the variety of services they offer. Whether an influencer Instagram marketing strategy, content marketing, graphic designing or PPC advertising – it’s important to have a combination of experts sitting at the helm of your projects.

Good portfolio

Results are everything and browsing through portfolios is the best way to get a hold of good agencies. Look out for the past clients themselves and the results that were derived from their efforts. It’s better if the Instagram marketing agency in India has experience in multiple industries so that you’ll know how they performed in different markets. Moreover, they should be able to craft unique content, especially for your brand. Through their case studies and experience in the industry, you’ll definitely know if you made the right choice for a social media marketing agency.

Measurement tools

There are a few indicators of performance and here’s what you need to know:


  • Reach
  • Growth
  • Engagement
  • Website traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Impressions

Without keeping an eye on these, even a flawless Instagram influencer marketing strategy will bear no rewards. As a result, ensure that the agency you choose has a keen eye for tracking and measurement. It is only through data-oriented results that there is growth and success. Look for these metrics and understand how the agency operates. You should know whether or not they keep tabs on the right statistics.

Timely approach

This does not necessarily mean a quick response in communication between an agency and a client. Timeliness here is especially important when you take a look at how big brands are quick to jump on moment marketing trends.  Social media trends on Instagram can actually change by the hour and time is of the essence. Hiring a good Instagram marketing agency in India ensures that maximum importance is given to making you the centre of attention during times such as these. They are ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest trends.

With highly recommended agencies like Digitale, you can leave your work in the hands of experts who will bring the results you seek. No matter the industry or the budget, expect nothing less than the best with its 360-degree advertising solutions. 

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