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7 Common Myths About Digital Marketing You Should Avoid

16-Nov-2021 | Digital Trends


When people think of digital marketing, the first thing that pops up tends to be a website. Create one, write some content to fill the pages and you’re done, right? You couldn’t be more wrong! From social media to email marketing to even search engine marketing, there are a variety of online tools that can boost engagement, maximize results and deliver the ROI you need. But just like this one, there are a variety of myths surrounding digital marketing in Kolkata.

And it’s time to clear the air. Many of these misconceptions make others hold back from the profound benefits it has to offer. Leads, brand awareness, engagement or even drive sales – its potential is limitless in the truest sense of the term. So, if you’re unsure about hiring a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, here are some of the biggest myths that need to be addressed and debunked!

Stop Believing These 7 Popular Digital Marketing Myths 

You should have only one social media profile

As the saying goes, it’s never wise to put your eggs in one basket. Keep in mind that there are a variety of social media platforms out there with even better opportunities for reach. And if you’re not where your audience is, chances are that you’re missing out. By having company pages on the relevant social networks, not only can you target your audiences effectively but also attract a different clientele in the process. So when designing a digital marketing strategy, identify the ones that work for you, keep up with the changing trends and create content accordingly.

Why go online when my competition isn’t?

Businesses are always in the pursuit of ways to stay ahead of the curve. So why wait for the competition to make the first move? Stay ahead with digital marketing in Kolkata! Not being online actually means more cons than pros. Opening a whole new world of possibilities, your business stands to profit in the long run. So, don’t wait for the playing field to be levelled. If they’re not active on digital, it’s all the more reason for you to start.

Negative reviews online can break a business

A negative review is not the end of the world. It is if you don’t address it correctly. As a matter of fact, see it more as an opportunity to build bridges and foster customer loyalty. Taking the time to respond shows that you care and this adds to your reputation. Customer satisfaction should not be neglected at any cost, something reiterated by any digital marketing agency in Kolkata. Revert quickly yet carefully to the legitimate concerns (not to insults and baseless comments) and show the human face of your business.

Digital marketing is costly, better for big businesses

A smaller budget doesn’t mean that you should shy away from digital marketing. On the contrary, it works for businesses of any scale and size in any type of industry. You don’t need to shell out lakhs of rupees. Even with a substantial budget, you will still be able to see results. In fact, a cost-effective advertising venture is assured when you opt for digital marketing in Kolkata. It is always advisable to dedicate 7-8% of your business’s revenue to digital marketing efforts.

Creating a functional website is more than enough

While having one tends to be a great start, it’s not the ultimate solution you think it to be. You will need to back it up with a digital marketing strategy from an agency in order to be discoverable. A tandem of strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization, content creation and PPC (pay per click advertising) can help in this regard. It is only through its promotion that people will be able to find it online. Just creating an attractive 12-page website will not do the trick.

Publishing more content is a great solution

Putting content out into the world is not the silver bullet we perceive it to be. Just because you write content regularly doesn’t guarantee that it will perform well. Rather, you must create a digital marketing strategy that works to enhance your content. Ensure that you keep your goals along with the interests/preferences of your niche in mind (and the right choice of keywords incorporated in them). Remember, it’s not about quantity - it’s all about creating content that is valuable, well-researched and informative in nature.

Email marketing is no longer effective today

Most believe that in the face of other tools like social media and PPC, email marketing is obsolete. However, it is far from dead. Using the right strategy by a popular digital marketing agency in Kolkata, you will begin seeing improvements in your campaigns. Based on your subscriber lists, content and the exact time you send it out, better results can be achieved. By attracting, nurturing and converting leads, it can help drive more revenue and give your business a competitive edge.

With the right kind of time and effort, digital marketing in Kolkata can prove to be an effective tool to have in your company’s arsenal. Now that we’ve busted these myths, it’s time to do it right! With a personalized plan for every business we work with, we reserve the best of ways to drive results as per your budget and objectives.

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