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8 Tips to Choose the Right PPC Agency in Kolkata, India

15-Jul-2021 | Our Signature

PPC advertising is the perfect bridge that can connect you to the people who are looking for your products/services online. Global ad spends across major PPC channels are growing higher with time and for one simple reason alone – it actually works! But this also depends on the PPC agency in Kolkata that you hire.

A PPC agency can help create, manage and optimize paid accounts and you only incur a charge when someone clicks on your ad. Quick results, better awareness and superb leads – it is a great tool for advertisers today. But while this digital marketing strategy itself is lucrative and guarantees results, finding the right PPC company in Kolkata can make all the difference.

And to help you, here are 8 questions that are sure to guide you to the right one.

Top Questions to Ask to Find the Best PPC Agency in Kolkata

How good are they at tracking performance?

What good are your efforts if you have no data to show for their performance? One of the main things to look for when selecting a PPC agency in India is its ability to manage and track your respective campaigns. It is often recommended for the agency to link your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account. This provides insights into click and cost data while allowing you to import your current goals from Analytics into Adwords.

Do they offer a thorough analysis of results?

There is nothing more frustrating than investing money in your marketing efforts and not understanding how it had an impact on your business. You should know exactly how your campaigns performed through the use of metrics like bounce rate, click-through rates, etc. The PPC agency in Kolkata that you choose should explain the same while also suggesting ways to improve results. Hence, an agency that sets a time to go over reporting is one that will be preferable.

Do they have mobile optimization capabilities?

The use of mobile phones has almost become an essential today. With data consumption patterns rising through the roof, PPC campaigns must be accessible on all types of devices. You must check and see if the PPC company in Kolkata you select can optimize your ads for mobile. If not, you’re bound to miss out on revenue. Ask for their mobile-centric results for prior campaigns to get a glimpse of their capabilities. Also keep in mind that since search and social algorithms are always changing, the PPC agency should be in sync with trends.

Do they have a thorough knowledge of relevant PPC channels?

The use of marketing channels depends on your end goal. However, the PPC agency in India that you choose should be well-versed in the platforms that benefit the most. Right from search campaigns to programmatic, there is a variety that exists. Some may only work on search campaigns while others may design and manage paid social media campaigns. But this is a requirement that differs based on what you need – make sure to communicate your expectations to see what lies in store for you.

Are they familiar with other aspects of digital marketing?

PPC advertising is not something that works effectively in isolation – it tends to be a small piece of the digital marketing pie. Good PPC agencies will also have the required experience in other fields and can create campaigns that generate success. Be it Facebook ads, email automation, website optimization or copywriting – PPC management in India comprises a team of marketing experts at your disposal. So always do a check and see exactly what they offer (which also helps to save expenses instead of going to others).

Are they able to grasp your goals and expectations?

It’s vital that the PPC agency in Kolkata should know exactly how to convert your goals into a strategic plan that works. They should clearly understand what you’re after and what you’re trying to achieve. While metrics such as clicks and impressions are vital, they should not be the sole determinants of the success of a campaign. Remember – your objectives and expectations set the foundation of the partnership. Ensure that they are able to identify exactly what you’re trying to achieve and deliver accordingly.

How transparent are they during operations?

Transparency plays a key role when choosing a PPC agency. You must be kept in the loop about what changes and activities are taking place in your account – this requires a clear communication schedule where strategies, updates and data are shared. A lack of transparency, however, indicates that the agency isn’t very fluent in its work or is not giving due importance to your campaigns. Hence, always look for the ability and willingness of the PPC agency in India to share timely information and data.

How much industry experience do they have in PPC?

Claiming to be one of the best PPC agencies is easy. But looking into their proven records will bring out the difference between a trusted PPC company in Kolkata and a faulty one. Check out their case studies and testimonials to see exactly how they made a difference. This clearly brings out their expertise and if it has more experience in your niche – a plus point that helps in the selection process. This is because they will be better at creating relevant ad copies that are targeted at the right demographics.

Ask these questions and leverage the power of PPC advertising for your business today!


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