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8 Tips to Supercharge Your E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy

27-Aug-2021 | Our Signature

In this day and age, almost everyone is well-versed with the basics like SEO and email marketing. The world is going digital and it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and practices. But to stand out from the competition, your e-commerce digital marketing strategy needs to stand out as well.

Here are a few of the most effective tips for your e-commerce website you need to know.



Focus on Visual Appeal

If you have a good product that is guaranteed to add value to lives, it deserves to be shown in the best ways possible. And no, we’re not talking about a well-crafted SEO content strategy. This is where visual appeal takes centre stage. There are multiple options available – zooming in and out, 360-degree views, different angles in different settings, etc.

This can serve to enhance the shopping experience since users will know what to expect after the purchase. Fifth source reports that there was 25% to 30% increase in sales after using 3D over flat imaging. First impressions are everything so ensure your visuals communicate your products/ services effectively. Choose a good e-commerce marketing agency for more assistance.

Use Chatbots for a Better Experience

A chatbot has become an essential component in any website. This is because it helps in several aspects while adding to the shopping experience as a whole. Any renowned e-commerce marketing agency will agree that it helps to address inquiries, offer suggestions and guarantee 24/7 customer support.

Since chatbots can offer immediate (or quick) response times, they can help boost engagement while retaining customers who are looking to make an informed decision. They are powered by AI technology – making them smart while helping you learn about your customers in ways that are sure to benefit your organization.

Promote User-Generated Content

Nothing sells better than a customer’s positive, authentic feedback about your company. By leveraging UGC, you can build a sense of authenticity and trust. And even better –posting this content acts as a bridge to draw in other buyers. This works well when you use hashtags on your social accounts and when there is an easy way for customers to post these on your site.

Did you know that 90% of consumers believe that UGC plays a more influential role on buying decisions than promotional branded content? Even though the services of a digital marketing company in Kolkata are quite effective, real-life reviews by real customers have no equal. These speak about metrics such as quality, value and reliability which can take a business to new heights!

Ensure Mobile-Friendly Websites

Recognizing the shift towards smartphones and mobile devices, it was early in 2012 that the Facebook team (Mark Zuckerberg included) focused entirely on mobile. Abandoning laptops and desktop versions of this social media platform, they were right to make this shift in strategy. Hence, ensure that your site is optimized for mobile and is functioning properly.

Whether searching for products or initiating payment pages, e-commerce sites must be responsive on all screens. Optimizing your site for mobile also assures a better user experience, quicker loading speed, etc. Hence, mobile optimization must be taken into account when forming and shaping an e-commerce digital marketing strategy.

Personalize as Much as Possible

Brands strive to deliver a shopping experience that’s tailored to consumers and their behaviour, preferences and other information collected. Statistically, they can yield 20% higher satisfaction rates and a 10% - 15% increase in sales conversion rates. Here are a few ways that you can transform a buyer’s shopping experience into an exceptional one:


  • Show recently viewed items
  • Cater offerings limited to a location
  • Personalize your emails
  • Personalize your homepage, etc. 

Amazon is a great example of customization where they show recommendations, comparisons and products that are likely to interest them. But besides these, it is also equally necessary to humanize your business – something that an SEO content strategy can guarantee. A personal touch like sharing videos/ pictures of your employees can add to the overall ‘face’ of a business. Moreover, transparency about company processes and procedures can show you in a better light.

Don’t Forget to Use Re-Targeting

During the first visit to a website, 98% of users will not convert. This doesn’t mean that you have failed to impress them – it becomes an opportunity to capture their attention through a retargeting e-commerce digital marketing strategy. Retargeting is a technique that involves tracking users that have visited your website and show ads to them while they browse the internet.

A classic example of the same is the emails you may have received after adding items to your cart without purchasing them. Another way is to use third-party sites that they visit to showcase your products. This subtle reminder can entice users to take action or even shop for similar items. For better results, make your ad as specific as possible (which can be done through a digital marketing company in Kolkata).

Try ‘Social’ Purchases on Platforms

Many have defined social media as a way to build brand awareness and a strong social presence. However, a good e-commerce digital marketing strategy uses social media quite differently. You can use social channels to encourage purchases and quite directly too.

Take Instagram for instance. Once you have created a business profile, you can tag your products in your feed and stories. Those who see it need not leave Instagram – they can click on the product and follow the link provided. Making the buying process as effortless as possible, social purchases are something you should be prioritizing.

Use Original, Catchy Content  

Originality and creativity is always a way to resonate with customers. Not only will it prove to engage, but it will also make a statement and create a strong impression in their minds. Compelling website content and product descriptions can make a huge difference and when infused with keywords, it will fetch even better results for your SEO content strategy. 

Visibility, rankings and subsequently sales – optimizing your content is sure to enhance your e-commerce digital marketing strategy. You’ll find that dedicating effort to content and descriptions on your site can drive revenue for years to come.


These tips and tactics can help you succeed in an increasingly crowded digital landscape.

For results that are worth the time and investment, these 8 tips will reap innumerable rewards! Or for personalized assistance, reach out to us to boost your e-commerce digital marketing strategy. 


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