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8 Tried & Tested LinkedIn Marketing Tactics for Your Brand

10-Sep-2021 | Social Media

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network that emphasizes career development and strategic relationships. And the fact that 92% of B2B marketers prefer this platform says quite a bit. If you haven’t used this platform (or not effectively enough), it’s time to step your social media marketing game in India and use LinkedIn in the best way possible.

Here’s how you can leverage this platform to the fullest.

Create a strong profile

The first stepping stone to a successful LinkedIn branding and marketing strategy is working on your own company profile. Fill up the boxes with the required information but remember to keep it neat and professional while adding text and visuals which relay the essence of your brand. There is a character limit in the ‘About us’ section so be sure to give due importance to each word. Add the required information such as website URL, industry, company size and location to ensure your potential leads know exactly what you’re all about. This makes a huge impact with regards to a strong social media marketing strategy in India. So do your best to optimize your profile based on how you want to be seen and use high-resolution pictures (of headshots or the brand logo) for your profile pictures. After all, first impressions are everything, aren’t they?

Focus on adding value

Rather than sales-led and promotional messages, shift your attention to how you can add value to your audiences’ lives. It’s simple – follow a simple purpose that’s related to your brand and publish content around it. Whether to inform educate, inform or entertain, you can expect better engagement and a stronger connection between your content and target groups. This becomes even more effective if they share it or if it shows up in their feed. It can increase your reach in the process You can always opt for a social media management service for tailored assistance. The key takeaway here is that becoming a trusted source for valuable and insightful information helps in more ways than one.

Involve your employees

Connections – the one word that is synonymous with an effective LinkedIn branding strategy. And what better way to build the same than through your own employees? They can play an influential role in expanding your reach and strengthening your network. Seen as the most reliable brand advocates, encourage them to add your company to their personal profiles. Besides highlighting accomplishments and sharing content, they can then share information featuring your brand which gets your word out in the open. Successful social media marketing in India definitely calls for employee advocacy. This is something that builds a good reputation for your company while also expanding reach in the process.

Attract with rich media

LinkedIn suggests that rich media like images and videos can be super effective. Did you know that there is a 2x higher comment rate just by using an image in a post? YouTube videos should not be underestimated either – these can result in a 75% higher share rate.  Hence, do not limit yourself to text when opting for social media marketing in India. Visual appeal should be prioritized since it has the ability to drive reach and engagement. No LinkedIn marketing strategy is complete without the correct choice of media to support your message. This applies to any and every social media platform that you wish to be noticed on.

Utilize analytics data

Research and data are what justify any big decision. It’s the same with LinkedIn marketing.  But besides that, your Company Page analytics is crucial when it comes to understanding the type of content that your followers prefer. If you enter the ‘Updates’ section of your analytics, you will find vital data such as:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Social actions
  • CTR
  • Engagement rate

The ideal way to identify what resonates best with your audience is by experimenting with similar types of content while looking at posts that gather above-average CTR or engagement rate. Timely checks and smart tweaks are sure to open up doors to better results in your social media marketing strategy in India.

Use ‘Matched Audiences’

Retargeting is an effective strategy that needs no introduction. On LinkedIn, you can use this feature to retarget those who have either visited your website, who are on your existing account or who are in your email contacts. For those who are already in your sales funnel, Matched Audiences is a specialized tool that reaches professionals who are more likely to buy. 98% of your visitors aren’t likely to convert on their first visit and this alone calls for an effective social media management service. But without a doubt, this feature by LinkedIn is a great way to ensure that relevant audiences are targeted when you run ads here.

Use the ‘InMail’ feature

Not many know that LinkedIn’s InMail feature get 3x the response than the average email. While it is a paid feature, the benefits far outweigh the costs involved. Its built-in analytics can help you adjust your messages and easily keep track of your efforts. This is a more direct form of social media marketing in India and is delivered straight to the recipient (regardless of the geographical boundaries that come into play). It’s also a great way to leverage the individuals you’ve come across as well as the connections you’ve built-in groups.  

Use ‘LinkedIn Groups’

Another proven way of creating and building connections is to use LinkedIn Groups – a forum dedicated to business-focused topics where questions and answers are exchanged. Other helpful information is also given based on the set industry and interests. Here, you can interact with like-minded professionals by sharing valuable ideas and insights. As a result, your business network can grow with other professionals and businesses in your niche. This is a free feature, so it definitely deserves your attention when creating a LinkedIn branding strategy.

With the correct tips and tricks, using this platform can prove to bring lucrative results!

But in case of personalized assistance and tailor-made strategies, reach out to us today.


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