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Digital Marketing and Ayurveda Platform

28-Oct-2017 | Our Signature

Ayurveda, an age-old retrospective science which literally means knowledge about health and life, claims to be an Indian origin natural podium institutionalized in the year 1974.  A highly renowned and praised healthcare platform known to mankind, today with the raging evolution of time and technology has fostered its grip into the digital hyperspace.

Digital Marketing has fundamentally evolved the Ayurveda sector in a crucial way. Ayurvedic digital marketing in India has matured enough since the last few years as the buyers have quarried onto the digital platform to decide on their final purchase. The latest prevalent trends have made it mandatory for the Ayurvedic sector to get engaged in digital marketing.

Interestingly, most of the Ayurvedic brands are now re working on their marketing strategies to reach out to their consumers. Currently, Hindustan Unilever, one of the leading FMCG brands in India, started advertising on digital around their Ayurveda portfolio. Alongside, Patanjali has emerged out to be a game-changing brand, construing on digital and traditional channels since its inception. To garner equal benefit in comparison to the traditional platform, Patanjali announced its collaboration with the tech giants and social media, namely Google and Facebook, to endow considerable thrust to its digital marketing campaign. Moreover, Dabur, Baidyanath, Kapiva, All Ayurveda, Goodcare – all have adopted digital strategies for brand rebuilding and visibility.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Ayurveda

Since the digital platform is evolving at a faster pace diverting a larger set of audiences to bank on digital, therefore Ayurveda sector to remain in the minds of people have divulged into the digital podium.

Extend presence through online grocery stores

The Ayurvedic sector can build an extended presence and get noticed amidst various online intermediate platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Grofer, Sasta Sundar and Big Basket. Also, selling products through these mediums endow the brands with the benefit to connect - all their social media, blogs and sale pages to their sales platform so as to promote their brand on the intermediate portal. Moreover, through the digital platform, Ayurveda brands can advertise and promote their products on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal for increased sales and visibility.

Create Brand Identity by developing a mobile friendly website

Based on the consumer behavior in recent years, the purchases made on mobile devices has considerably outperformed the purchases made through desktops. The consumers purchase goods through smartphones so as to save time and energy, as devices can be easily used for browsing, grabbing information or making decisions at any time, anywhere. Therefore, to stay relevant and increase user interaction, Ayurveda sect must clamber on mobile-friendly websites. 

Target the Audience through All Major Search Engines

As of now, we consider Google to be the most credible search engines. But crucially studies have delineated that Yahoo and Bing are also considerable platforms where the information must be disseminated. Hence, it is important to incorporate all the three Search Engines to attain a better picture.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

With every passing day, digital media is evolving. Social media have claimed a substantial position that cannot be jolted. Everyday social media engage millions of people of all ages depending upon the platform. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn, all constitute billions of active users. Therefore, marketing and promoting your Ayurvedic brand on these platforms can endow you with feasible reach.

How can Digitale help you with Digital Marketing in Ayurveda Platform?
As a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, Digitale can assist you with digital marketing strategies in Ayurveda platform to reach relevant audiences. At present, we work with leading Ayurveda brands like All Ayurveda, Baidyanath, Goodcare and Kapiva to meet their end goals and targets. Our digital marketing for Ayurveda Platform involves the following digital mix:

Performance Advertising

We at Digitale with our tailor-made approach assist you to generate relevant sales, awareness, leads and engagement targeting your set of the audience through social networks and search engines that include LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Our digital professional team has a well-proven record in generating quality sales, brand building and awareness depending upon the quality and popularity of the Ayurvedic product. We can also assist you to advertise on intermediate retail platforms like Amazon, Paytm, Snapdeal and Flipkart, thereby increasing your sales and visibility on marketplaces where users come in with the mindset and intent to buy.  With our daily assistance, monitoring and optimization, we ensure you to get the lowest cost per result. Therefore, call on Digitale for your digital needs, consider us as to be an extension of your marketing team helping you to garner better performance and sales targets.

Brand Building

With the audience spending a significant amount of time online, social media marketing is considered to be the best way to build trust, loyalty and reliability with the end customers. We can help you carve out a niche and engage with the digital audience by segmenting and collecting audience data to get the desired actions from the end user. As a digital media agency, we closely work with you to understand your USPs that we can highlight and play around. By setting up campaigns across channels like Twitter and Facebook, we communicate through customised creative, infographics, videos and GIFs at any time of the day on any device depending upon the reach and visibility. Additionally, we are also a feasible option for you through which you can carry out your branding campaigns on high profile and popular websites and on various other mobile applications to attract a huge section of customers that you wish to target.

Therefore, remember Digitale when it comes to advertising on digital platforms. For more, you can glance through our digital services and digital case studies. To begin with, digital marketing, contact us today and our digital professionals will get in touch with you.

Our Achievement

Team Digitale's efficient implication on the digital front helped the projects - All Ayurveda, Baidyanath and Kapiva to meet their end goals.

All Ayurveda

For the time span between 29th January and 26th October 2017, with our assistance, All Ayurveda has recorded a total revenue of above 19 million on the spent of 15 million. The transactions recorded sums to around 8000 through all channels that include Organic, Social, Paid and Referral.


For the time span between 19th October and 25th October 2017, with our assistance, Kapiva has recorded an increase in its website traffic by 46.6%, an uplift in revenue by 212.3%, an elevation in conversion rate by 104.1% and an improvement in their number of sessions by 56.8%.


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