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Digital Marketing for Real Estate

01-Sep-2017 | Our Signature

Real estate is tangible, an ever-growing industry that cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. It is purchased with common sense, payment is made in full and managed with utmost care. Therefore, with the rise of digital marketing, realtors must take on some real estate digital marketing techniques and strategies to reach the relevant target audience.

Digital Marketing has radically transformed the real estate industry in a crucial way. Real estate digital marketing in India has matured enough as the buyers do extensive online research before making their final purchase. The latest trends have made it mandatory for all real estate organizations to indulge in real estate digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing for Real Estate required?

Why is Digital Marketing for Real Estate required? The most important factor that makes real estate digital marketing popular is its reach at affordable prices. Digital marketing in real estate is applied to maximise the leverage of reaching the end users through different channels and platforms like:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC or Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing

As per the study conducted by Digitale, a real estate digital marketing agency, there has been a phenomenal uplift in the number of leads from marketing real estate online. Real estate is exploring the digital marketing podium so as to optimise their performance through design and development services to garner leads and final conversions. If we analyze the latest trends the stance of Digital Marketing for Real Estate, the primary search for properties, flats or property dealers in India starts online.

Moreover, the coming years are soon to visualize one of the biggest demographic shift, the real estate market has viewed in nearly ten years - the entry of millennials or first-time home or property buyers. Millennials born between 1982 – 2000 are envisaged to portray over half of all homebuyers in the year 2017. Millennial, the generation of today are precisely the first generation to be raised in the digital era. Therefore, their ultimate mode to garner relevant information about starter homes or properties would be the internet. However, millennials aren’t the only demographic segment that is stranded to disturb the digital state of affairs for the real estate industry. Baby Boomers born between 1966- 1981 are categorized to be the second biggest home or property buying, group. Unlike Millennials, baby boomers in growing numbers continue to use Facebook. Hence, this finding calls out to be an essential pointer for real estate organization to be engaged in real estate marketing on the digital platform.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies

Since the real estate industry is evolving frequently, keeping up with new and additional trends turn out to be a challenge in itself.

Mobile Friendly Website

According to consumer behavior in recent years, the purchases made on mobile devices has outperformed the purchases that are made through laptops or personal computers. To increase versatility and save time, people do business with smartphones. Therefore, to stay relevant and increase user interaction, real estate must devise mobile-friendly websites.

An Era of Apps

Today, there is an app for everything. If you don’t have an app for your brand, you might be waving towards the losing edge. An all-encompassing real estate app can make interaction with relevant audience easier.

Quality Website Content

It is essential to keep a check that your website content is not downgrading you as a brand. Therefore, it is necessary to cut down your website and refine your website pages to concise, articulate and relevant information targeting the apt keywords.

Target the Audience Through All Search Engines

As of now, we consider Google as being the only credible search engine. But considerable studies disclose Bing and Yahoo to be crucial search engines that maintain a steady market share. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate all the three platforms to get a better picture.

Rise of Social Media Marketing

With each successive day, digital media is growing bigger. Social media have claimed a position that cannot be ever jostled. Social media with every passing day engage millions of people every day. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or LinkedIn, they have over billion users who are active. Therefore, marketing to them would be a great idea to reach the relevant audience.

Rise of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing refers to the art of drawing attention and relevant engagement through a unique style. Inbound Marketing works when your business regularly posts interesting infographics or a write up on social media, shares photos or videos and update blogs. Through this strategy, the business can leverage inexpensive digital marketing for real estate and draw relevant home buyers.

Core Analysis

With the assistance of Google Analytics, you can freely access the website and derive information about the leads and traffic. This core analysis assists to understand who are viewing the website, when are they viewing and where they view. Audience targeting can be conducted appropriately on attaining all the analytics.

Live Streaming Apps

The popularity of videos as a digital marketing strategy skyrockets each year. The year 2017 is all about live video. With social platforms like Facebook Live and Periscope embracing the live video revolution, this strategy can assist the real estate business to cut through the social clutter and engage with the relevant audience at the real time.  

How can Digitale help you with Real Estate Digital Marketing?
As a real estate digital marketing agency, Digitale can assist you with real estate digital marketing strategies that can help you to reach the relevant target audience. We work with leading real estate businesses and have successfully met their real estate digital marketing goals.  Our digital marketing for real estate includes the following digital mix:

Performance Advertising

We can assist you to generate relevant leads and sales for your real estate projects targeting your audience on various search and social networks that include Google Search, Facebook, Display, DoubleClick, LinkedIn. Our digital expert team has a proven record in generating quality leads online depending on the price category that your project falls under. With the assistance of our daily monitoring and optimization, we ensure you to achieve the lowest cost per lead. Therefore, think of Digitale consider us as an extension of your marketing agency and we will work together to garner better performance and sales targets.  

Brand Building

With consumer spending a significant amount of time online, social media marketing strategy is the best way to build reliability, loyalty and trust with consumers. As a real estate digital marketing agency, we work closely with you to better understand your USPs. By setting up successful campaigns across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, we can communicate through infographics, creative and engaging campaigns online. Additionally, we can look at carrying out digital branding campaigns on high profile news and business websites and other mobile applications that attract a huge section of the target user that you wish to communicate with.

When it comes to real estate digital marketing, we come by as a knowledgeable team in this particular field. For more, you can take a glance at our digital marketing services and digital marketing case studies. If you think, your real estate business requires real estate marketing on the digital platform, then you can contact us today and our digital marketing experts will get back to you.


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