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Digitale - Best Social Media Marketing Company in Kolkata

15-May-2021 | Social Media


A small or big brand looks for an agency that does not just make empty promises but makes countless efforts to fulfil them. It looks for an agency that will provide them directions for growth and success. And moreover, it looks for an agency that will never break their trust. Digitale is one such social media marketing company in Kolkata, that ticks off all these three options.

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, we are always ten steps ahead of others. When most of the others take the conventional route, we always choose the route not taken and make a positive difference to the brands with our strategic-driven digital solutions.

Now read further how we should be the top choice for your brand.


Understanding your Needs Better

Being a well-established social media marketing company in Kolkata, Digitale uses a combination of solution-driven strategies and social media campaigns to deliver the intended goal and objectives of the brand. Whether it is about generating leads or growing your online presence, we provide practical solutions that would fetch you concrete results. 

Whenever a new brand comes on board, we make a pitch deck or presentation to show the approach and the initiatives we will take for the brand. From account managers, graphic designers to paid campaign professionals and copywriters, everyone contributes to the deck with their invaluable insights and suggestions.

One of the best things we do is research. Without proper market research, you will get nowhere. We do thorough research on the brand, the industry and its competitors to understand the pain points of the brand. Based on which we generate campaign ideas, media plans and creative concepts that would yield better results to the client. 

If you want to know more about our past works and achievements, visit our website and go over the client case studies.


Powerhouse of Creativity 

There is no dearth of creativity in Digitale. You can also say it is one of our strong suits. We have some of the best creative minds that can think outside the box. The best part about our creative team is that they are young and self-driven individuals. Experience or fresher, everyone here gets an equal chance to contribute their ideas and deliver the best they can.

The two main pillars of creative execution are a) referencing and b) ideation. This is exactly what our creative team does. To write copies and churn out interesting concepts for the brands we have, they have to do a lot of referencing work of their competitors. Exactly what kind of content modules they have produced and the campaigns they have run, so that we can ideate different strategies for the brand. 

Then comes the design team that puts these concepts and copies together to life with their phenomenal visualisation skills. Unlike other small digital marketing agencies which have issues of bureaucracy and hierarchy, here at Digitale, it is about the collaborative approach. The design and copy share cohesive teamwork that ensures the best of our creatives are sent to the clients. This process of shared learning defines our growth curve that you will not usually find in any other social media marketing company in Kolkata.

Check out some of our cool work for big brands like Khadim, Greenply, M.P. Birla, Victoria Vistas, etc. on their social media pages.


Organised and Timely Communication Between Clients

In social media marketing, a team of account managers are the glue that holds the account together. They are the liaisons between the clients and the creative team. From getting on con calls, taking briefs, aligning the work to the creative team and submitting the deliverables within deadlines, the account managers ensure that the process is smooth and seamless. 

When it comes to other marketing agencies, the clients are left hanging. This is not the case with us. Whatever immediate requirements or feedback our clients have, our account managers ensure that the work is done on time. They always maintain transparent and open communication with the clients.

During our brainstorming sessions, they also put their heads into campaign ideation and incorporate ideas. Apart from this, they track the KPI’s, the ROI’s, and growth targets, etc. Based on the performance of the brands, they come with new marketing and revenue-generating strategies that will help the brand overcome its shortcomings and fulfil its targets.


Boosting Your Campaigns to Success

Any digital marketing agency is incomplete without paid media professionals. They are the ones who run the show but behind the scenes. In other words, they ensure that your ads give maximum returns, conversions and revenue.

We run ads on MX Takatak, Hotstar, Google, Youtube, Facebook and other platforms, depending upon the client budget, the objectives and the size of the account. They have to continuously monitor the results, the KPI’s and track the performance of the campaign and whether the campaign goals are being met or not. 

If say for example the sales are dropping, then the PPC team comes with strategies to ensure that the sales rightfully falls back on track. We make sure that whatever the budget allocation is for social media marketing or basic paid marketing, the campaigns generate great ROI.


All of the above factors prove why Digitale should be the next social media marketing agency you should hire for your brand. We look at your problems with a creative and analytical bent of mind. With our result-oriented strategies and pragmatic approach, you will surely see your brand flying to great heights!

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