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Digitale: Now an Award-winning Facebook & Google Premier Partner!

22-Feb-2022 | Digital Trends

An agency that is a Google Partner is one that’s certified for quality. It means that you can expect the highest standard of work as it is up-to-date with the latest trends and practices. But a Premier Partner status is the highest level that any digital marketing company can achieve! In fact, did you know that only 3% of participating companies are awarded this?

Hiring a Google Premier Partner automatically ensures that you avail of the services of a knowledgeable and experienced agency. But more importantly, you can expect better results from your digital marketing strategy. Premier Partners have a reputation for building AdWords campaigns that convert at a high rate along with specializations in Search and Mobile advertising.

But more to the point, what is a Google Premier Partner?

Google Premier Partner: Meaning Explained

The Premier Partner tier of Google is the most exclusive tier of the Google Partners program. Only the best 3% of digital marketing companies quality each calendar year. This is showcased through a badge that only a small percentage of agencies can earn. While the typical Google Partner badge is blue, the red badge is only available for a Premier Partner agency.

Digitale is now recognized as an elite business partner by Google!

  • Certified Google Ads experts
  • Implementation of the best practices
  • Delivering proven results based on objectives
  • Meeting varied performance requirements
  • Exemplary service for clients, etc.

Benefits of Google Premier Partnership

There are three tiers of participation when you choose the Google Partner program – Members, Partners and Premier Partners. Opting for the latter ensures the best set of advantages and opportunities for your digital marketing strategy. This also works to strengthen relationships with Google. Listed below are the benefits you can expect as a Premier Partner:

Education & Insights:

  • Product education and certificates
  • Consumer insight reports
  • Access to product betas

Access & support:

  • Account & technical support
  • Advanced Google Ads support
  • Executive experiences
  • Dedicated account support

Recognition & Rewards:

  • Promotional offers
  • Partner badge
  • Directory
  • Competition & rewards
  • Premier Partner awards

Recognized as ‘Outstanding’ in the ‘Integrated Category’

Digitale has proven to be a pioneer in the digital marketing landscape. It has bagged a bronze at India’s Fastest Growing Digital Agencies – Edition III for outstanding work in the ‘Integrated’ category, 2021. It is an honour bestowed on the best digital marketing companies that have been able to show phenomenal YoY growth. Alongside this, the award also celebrates their bold, innovative strategies which can set young agencies apart.

This was awarded by Agency Reporter – a single point of intelligence for Indian Advertising and Media for the latest industry news. Launched in June 2018, it provides exceptional value to readers and associates by crafting a series of long format, meaningful industry stories. 

Recognized as a Facebook Marketing Partner

Facebook has proven to be one of the central pillars of a winning marketing strategy. When marketers require assistance for campaigns on Facebook, they will first turn to partners. After all, the best marketing results can only be achieved with the right partner by your side. If you need help to optimize and improve your Facebook ad campaigns, a popular Facebook advertising agency in India like Digitale is certified to provide results. This agency is vetted for expertise with a solid track record of success.

Facebook Marketing Partners can help businesses achieve their business goals in the most efficient way. With a community of specialists on board, expect the best service from a digital marketing company through superb service and technical skills. Facebook partners provide the highest standards of performance. 

Benefits of Facebook Marketing Partnership

Tools: Analytic tools, recommendations, and reports are all conveniently accessible through the Agency Hub, allowing you to better understand and enhance performance.

Resources: Explore self-serve access to the most recent sales materials and messaging, as well as the best campaign practices for better measurement and creative production.

Training: Use agency-specific learning tools and advanced training sessions from the Blueprint educational team to expand your knowledge of the Facebook family.

Support: Consultations and one-on-one chat support are available to provide additional assistance.

Events: To help your business succeed, attend an Agency Partner EXPO, training, and other unique virtual events.

Recognition: Get featured in the Facebook Partner Directory to gain recognition as a badged partner with enhanced visibility to potential clients.

Here’s how a Facebook advertising agency in India like Digitale can help your business:

  • Campaign management
  • Media buying and planning
  • Creative solutions
  • Performance monitoring
  • Feed platforms, etc.

You can stay up-to-date with the latest changes and developments on the platform and in the process, stay ahead of the curve. Providing the tools to reach, engage and convert, you can get the best with a digital marketing company that’s certified by Facebook. Advanced targeting and optimum ad placements are some of the many advantages you can expect.

For high-impact solutions on Facebook and Google marketing solutions, there’s one name you can trust.

Get in touch today to maximize your advertising results! 


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