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How to Re-Engage Viewers with Remarketing and Retargeting?

21-Jul-2021 | Digital Trends

Many end up seeing several ads on random pages after visiting a website landing page of the product page. This is a classic case of retargeting in digital marketing. While visitors browse through your offerings and may even fill up their ‘shopping cart’, they are most likely to leave without actually purchasing any product or service. On the first visit, people tend to leave empty-handed so as to make a more informed decision the next time around.

But while they are interested, they did not go ahead with the purchase for different reasons. Statistically, only 2 – 4% of consumers will actually make a purchase on the first visit. But how do you keep them ‘engaged’ even when they are outside your sales environment?

The answer is simple – remarketing and retargeting in digital marketing. Both of these are highly effective strategies to bring back those visitors who had shown interest in what you have to offer. While the “re” implies the fact that past/existing customers are being targeted, the suffix indicates several ways and platforms to carry out the same.

Here’s why it is a must in every marketer’s playbook today.

What Does Remarketing Imply?

Both these terms are used interchangeably – but they each carry vital differences.

Remarketing in digital marketing is usually based on email where the information of users is collected to create lists. These are then used to send sales emails to current/ past customers and re-engage them based on their previous purchases or action. These emails are normally about:

  • Highlighting sales/ deals on products related to past purchases
  • Promoting products/ services which are complementary to past purchases
  • Introducing new offerings that are related to past purchases
  • Reminding a customer that they have something in their cart
  • Include a coupon when a customer has not made a purchase in a while

Remarketing emails work due to their wide reach and effective communication. Businesses have found that they are great at influencing consumers to make a purchase. While they serve as a reminder, they are triggered by specific actions taken by the visitor on the website.

Few ways to use remarketing to your advantage:

  • Standard remarketing where display banners are shown on platforms based on data you insert
  • Dynamic remarketing where targeting is done based on their behaviour on a website
  • Cross-channel remarketing where an intelligent sorter tool differentiates users and medium through lists
  • Video remarketing where video ads are placed before or between longer videos at intervals

If you wish to focus on re-engaging current or past customers and you don’t the budget for advertisement, remarketing will definitely help you drive conversions.

What Does Retargeting Indicate?

Similar to remarketing in digital marketing, this is a re-engagement tactic that targets users that have already interacted with a company’s website. But retargeting uses strategic ad campaigns instead. Whether through social media ads or search engines, ad content can appear on outside platforms (another site or search engine). Retargeting tends to live in the sphere of PPC in digital marketing and in display network advertising.

To trigger these, the site visitor needs to take certain actions on the website. Clicking on a product, visiting a certain page a specific number of times, placing an item in a shopping cart – these are common instances but there is an extensive list that is involved in retargeting.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that businesses can reach site visitors on their favourite website post the visit. This is made possible by the Google Display Network, which also allows these ads to be placed on other third-party sites. By using the sites they frequently visit, there are better chances with retargeting in digital marketing to grab the attention of your audience.

Few ways to use retargeting to your advantage:

  • Retarget using specific URL visits
  • Use lead-gen ads based on page engagement
  • Retarget using keywords and search terms
  • Retarget with content that solves problems
  • Retarget to general user’s interest with apt messaging

If you want to focus on attracting new customers and you’re not triggering conversions (though you’re driving a lot of site traffic), retargeting via PPC in India is sure to maximize your results.

While both differ in technique, they do share common goals:

  • To target audiences that are already aware of your brand
  • To engage qualified audiences that are most likely to make a purchase
  • To build lasting brand awareness and recognition

The major difference is the tactics and strategies employed to accomplish those goals. One takes place through online ads at web traffic while the other is usually limited to email. Now that you know the best ways to both retargeting and remarketing in digital marketing work, implement these correctly and start driving new traffic and conversions.

Or if you want to take your remarketing game to the next level, get in touch with us today!


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