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How to Utilise Digital Marketing for FMCG Brands in India

16-Aug-2021 | Digital Trends

Press, TV and other forms of outdoor advertising - these are no longer able to keep up with the digital-savvy audiences of today. Companies around the globe are changing their marketing strategies which must complement the massive increase in screen time on mobiles and laptops. In such a setting, FMCG brands are also considering digital marketing as the world progressively shifts online. 

Traditionally, campaigns would revolve around the 4 P’s of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. This combination was believed to have a strong influence on the purchasing decisions of consumers. But everything changed after COVID-19. From marketplaces to apps, people now prefer to shop online (which is why e-commerce is thriving now more than ever). And through the services of a good digital marketing agency in Kolkata, your brand will benefit in more ways than one. 

Here are a few ways to use digital marketing to your advantage.


Use a 'Behind the Scenes' Approach

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the faces behind the organization - something that evokes emotion while also promoting trust and loyalty. It provides a human touch and shows the organization in a completely new light (rather than just a manufacturer of goods). A good example of a ‘BTS’ strategy is how the staff of Nestle in Switzerland, Vevey in 2014 had created a tribute to this small town through a remake of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ video.


Use Social Media

Did you know that Indians spend roughly 2.25 hours on social media regularly? To make this more elaborate, there are 340m Facebook users, 180m Instagram users, 99.8m Snapchat users and 78m LinkedIn users in the country and counting. This makes it almost mandatory for FMCG brands to choose digital marketing in light of such numbers as well as ease of accessibility to the same. Of course, be sure to use each platform strategically (with consisting messaging and tonality).


Use Effective Content Marketing 

Even with affordable SEO services in India, there is hardly any engagement with content that solely promotes products/ services. On the contrary, content that is relevant and adds value to people's life is always preferred. This helps position you as an authoritative source, build brand awareness and change the audience's perception of your brand in the process. Take Maggi for instance. Besides harping on its own 2-minute magic noodles, it also offers recipes to make other dishes. 


Use Influencer Marketing 

Belief works best when a famous personality or celebrity endorses a product. By leveraging their follower count and reputation, the power of persuasion increases by leaps and bounds. Hence, it's wise to consult an influencer marketing agency to identify the right names for your brand in India. Make sure that the concerned influencer resonates with your target audience (or else your efforts will not be as impactful). Even micro-influencers may fetch better results than you think. 


Use Instagram Stories 

Anybody that has used advertising before would know just how important engagement is. One simple yet effective digital marketing method for FMCG brands to guarantee this is through 'stories'. From Nike to Lego, every brand has tapped on this tool for better results. However, Instagram stories last for a period of 24 hours and can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • To show happy customers
  • To announce new launches
  • To showcase their products creatively
  • To interact with audiences
  • To tell a story 
  • To get instant feedback


Use User-generated Content

Traditional means of communication were akin to a one-way route. No measurement, no engagement and no way of tracking results. But a digital marketing agency in Kolkata can change this for you through a well-crafted UGC strategy. Through this, users are asked to share stories/posts through tags and hashtags. This serves the same purpose as word of mouth on digital and also increases the visibility and authenticity of the brand in question.

With these tips at hand, you can expect good returns from your FMCG digital marketing efforts.

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