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Media Buying forecast: Expect The Media Buying Market To Rebound In 2023

09-Feb-2023 | Digital Trends

Advertisements have been the most crucial yet inspiring part of our lives from time immemorial. Just like movies, advertisements have occupied the minds and hearts of a massive population around the world, let alone India itself.

In 2023 global media buying will see the face of revolution with an expansion rate of 5.9 per cent (lesser than the IMF’s (International Monetary Fund) 6.9 per cent global inflation rate).

However, in the previous year, it was predicted that the growth rate of India’s media planning would be 15.8%, whereas in 2023 it can eventually rise up to 16.8%.

It is highly anticipated that, in the coming years, India will experience a massive growth of more than $1000 million in the field of retailer advertising.

In the advertising sector, TV advertisements hold up to 36% of their place in the market and will eventually grow by 10.8% more within this year. 


The Fortune Of Digital Advertisements

Digital media buying and planning are on an uphill rise with billions of brands and companies reaching out to every individual, wherever they are.

Digital media itself is not only giving us a chance to explore our own needs but also forming an interpersonal relationship with the audience through their availability.

2022 had a powerful start indeed, but by the end, the growth of the advertisement sector hasn’t progressed sufficiently and remained stagnant for a while.

With so much economic uncertainty, all the regions can still assure the maintenance of positive growth like in America at 13.3%, EMEA at 4.5% and APAC at 3.9%.

Digital channels, among all the others, still hold the strongest ground in the area of commercial and economic expertise and will reach its value of up to $442.8 billion in 2023, accounting for a whopping 57.2% in the overall advertising expense.

With a statistical rollercoaster over the past 2 years, all we can say now is that digital advertising channels are here to stay and rule over larger masses without a pause.

E-Commerce - The Unsung Blessing

Life without e-commerce is a completely unimaginable scenario.

From purchasing mountain-sized groceries to the most priceless perfumes, it feels incredible to see how the synergy of simplicity and luxury is making our lives easier and faster.

With its outstanding performance and growth within these years, e-commerce platforms are making it mandatory to keep us on our toes with their uniqueness and algorithmic methods. 

Predictions To Keep An Eye On

1. India’s media buying and media planning forecast tells us about an active growth of 14.7% n 2023 that can reach up to $12.6 billion. In 2022 we could spectate a rapid growth of 18.1%.

2. Digital media continues to be the crown-bearer of the Indian market and holds a share of 40% of expenditure in 2023 with 32% of growth. This will for the first time overpower the television world for the very first time.

3. An astounding rise in e-commerce will drive more investments in search, social and videos.

4. The acceleration in online retail is expected to support an astonishing growth of TV purchases at 7.2%, as marketers employ TV to increase brand awareness and drive performance metrics.

5. Exponential growth will be witnessed in different other sectors like Technology, Travel, Automobile, Pharmaceutical and Retail Industries at a considerable rate of 3-7%.


Final Words

Keeping the recent geo-political tensions and media price inflation in mind, we can surely expect slow yet steady progress in media buying and planning processes.

This may include several countries, brands and channels that are reinventing their economic goals and building a wall of financial outreach against all the odds. 

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