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Social Media Marketing: What No One Is Talking About

10-Nov-2021 | Social Media

For those looking to grow their business, the phrase ‘social media marketing’ may have crossed your mind at some point. But what exactly is it? In very simple terms, the use of social media platforms and networks to promote the products/ services of a company in India is termed social media marketing.`

And why has it become a necessity?

Here are a few concrete reasons to choose the same:

  • Creates brand recognition
  • Increases traffic and sales
  • Measures success with data
  • Encourages social listening
  • Provides marketplace insights
  • Enhances brand loyalty
  • Established brand authority

There are infinite ways that social media marketing can benefit your business.

Did you know that LinkedIn has over 250 million monthly users, Twitter with over 321 million monthly users, Instagram with over 1 billion monthly users and Facebook with over 1.5 billion monthly users? But don’t look at these as numbers. Look at it as a form of opportunity. With a variety of online audiences that fit your needs, a social media management service is perhaps the need of the hour - for reach, engagement and eventually conversions.

Everyone is sure to reiterate the same wherever you go.

But what about the unknown facts before opting for social media marketing in India?

Here’s a behind the scenes look at what most tend to overlook.

Value is the aim of the game

It’s not just about posting. It’s about the creation of value. Value sells, more than visuals and taglines. Through engaging and relevant content, there are better chances of interaction with target groups and in the process, you can successfully build brand awareness with time.

Consistency is key to success

Engagement levels are initially bound to be low, no matter how compelling your content is. This is the hard truth when opting for social media marketing in India. But by maintaining consistency in content quality and frequency, you can build a path to better ROI based on the strategy you choose.

Planning always reaps rewards

You may have a Linkedin branding strategy that’s better suited to Facebook. But while many are talking about the choice of platforms, not many are talking about an intentional content plan before even getting there. There are a few ways to avoid this:

  • Research into what makes your audiences tick (inclusive research)
  • Provide effective storytelling and execution styles (creative minds)
  • Understand how to elicit the response you desire (trial and error)

Data won’t reveal qualitative insights

Social media marketing in Kolkata comes with data on user behaviour, patterns of interaction as well as information on demographics. However, what it doesn’t come with is how your audiences feel about your brand. Or even information about specific interactions. It also doesn’t help generate new ideas that you probably haven’t tried before. Data can’t tell you everything.

Obstacles are bound to occur

Besides the initial stages of low ROI, you can expect a series of problems to come your way. Firstly, there’s the shortage of time and bandwidth. This is a hurdle in the creation of original and engaging content. At the same time, it will be hard to measure the effectiveness of the same. Alongside these and many more, seeking the help of a reputed social media management service will surely pay off.  

You need to stay on your toes

Small mistakes such as typos can be pardoned. But there are many that you will regret later. For instance, an opportunity for a post, hashtag or engagement. Similarly, seeing a post by a competitor and wishing you came up with it first. Then there are the changes in platforms along with the new trends and features that come with it. Keeping up with these will prove to be exhausting.

Yes, the benefits tend to overweigh these considerations but only if handled with precision.

Choosing a social media marketing agency in India such as ours can do wonders for your business.

Get in touch today and let’s make you the talk of the town!


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