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The Pros of Influencer Marketing You Won't Believe

28-Apr-2022 | Digital Trends

The internet has made it increasingly difficult for brands to gain attention. With every business looking to stand out from the other, we find ourselves bombarded by ads on a regular basis. Consequently, this has also kept audiences on their feet as they have taken a sceptical stance towards self-promotion. Due to these reasons and more, the services of a good influencer marketing agency in India have come into the limelight.

And the reasons for the same are perfectly justified.

The search for a more innovative and stronger approach has led to the popularity of influencer marketing. Did you know that 90% of marketers  believe that influencer marketing is effective? Besides this, 92% of consumers trust this form over traditional marketing (along with 11x the ROI).

But where does this innate trust preference come from?

Here’s all you need to know.

Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is a Game Changer for Brands

A win-win partnership

This is 100% true. Influencer marketing offers tremendous value to both the brand as well as the audience. When you choose to collaborate with the right influencer (and the right influencer marketing agency in India), your message is further amplified among an actively engaged audience. But more importantly, the collaboration offers even more benefits:


  • Enriches your content strategy
  • Connects you to a wider market
  • Builds brand trust and authority
  • Brings possible joint ventures to the table

Builds trust instantly

Association with a popular name can help build trust and establish credibility in the market. This is simply because if a popular public figure has chosen your brand, it must surely be good enough for audiences. Similarly, consumers tend to trust recommendations that come from influencers. Influencers have established trust and credibility – your brand can leverage this to the fullest through the best influencer marketing agencies today.

Higher brand awareness

You cannot treat groups like one big homogenous block. Accessing and engaging with niches can prove to be quite a difficult task – especially for brands that are trying to expand and stand out. Choosing a good influencer marketing agency in India can be the solution you need in this setting. Through their services, you get access to their audience as well as their reputation made over time.

Improved SEO rankings

This can sound puzzling to many. What does influencer marketing have to do with SEO? Well, collaborations include mentions, articles and blogs at the very least. This leads to generating high-quality backlinks to your website (which easily complements your SEO strategy). With natural links to an influencer’s page, you can also boost your page in search result results and improve your ranking.

Ready-made following

Brands often shell out huge amounts of money to appear in front of audiences (and even more for the right ones). However, the services of influencer marketing agencies may just be the solution you require. Using this technique can greatly expand your reach as well as your positioning online. Popular influencers have already amassed their own loyal consumer base that they have nurtured over time.

Additionally, they have shaped their strategy in tune with what works for their audience – they know exactly what works and what doesn’t. So if it’s about placing your brand in front of social media users that are already interested in your niche, influencer marketing will get the job done.

Imagine saving the additional resources that would have been spent on testing and finding your audience. Imagine being able to get people to pay attention without being them being paid to. This is perhaps the most essential factor that makes influencer marketing of any scale a success.

For example, Khadim recently roped in Shardul Thakur, the popular Indian cricketer, as its new brand ambassador. This is largely because the sportsman has a strong hold on the youth which is a segment that the brand has been looking to target effectively.  But this has more to do with celebrity endorsements.

Influencer marketing, on the other hand, involves trusted figures within a niche community that retain a loyal following. Of course, they must have a certain skillset/knowledge/experience about what they are advertising. From fashion to fitness, you can find several based on the segment you operate in. For instance, Sarah Sham (from the interior design firm Essajees Atelier) is one of the best examples today in her niche.

So choose a popular influencer marketing agency in India like Digitale and get access to the best influencers for your brand!


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