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Top 10 Benefits of Content Marketing You Won’t Believe

21-Mar-2022 | SEO

Content marketing is one of the most practical, effective, and successful long-term digital marketing strategies available. However, many are still shying away from it since they are afraid to take the leap. While a variety of digital marketing tools like PPC and email marketing exist (with their own respective quirks), there’s no doubt about the fact that the services of content writing companies in Kolkata must be included in your marketing arsenal.

And there are 11 legitimate reasons listed below to back it up!

But brace yourself - results may take time to appear. The first few months may not yield much but the following months will prove to be better. By keeping quality and consistency in your efforts, you can expect superb growth and even quadruple your investment! So if you’re reluctant to invest in content marketing as a part of SEO, we’ve listed the most vital factors below that could change your mind.

Advantages of Content Marketing That You Probably Overlooked

1. Audience Retention, Guaranteed

It’s true – you can actually have the power to hold the attention of your audiences! When you opt for content marketing, you can expect relevant and well-researched pieces of information published on your site. They have the potential to establish a positive experience for users and can even compel them to come back for more. By crafting great content regularly, you’ll see that your users will spend more time on your site. Through reputed content writing companies in Kolkata, you can hold the golden ticket to capturing the attention of your audience and reinforcing a favourable brand impression.

2. Effective Link Building Properties

Everyone that’s familiar with an SEO content strategy will know how hard linking building is. Long story short, it’s when you get other websites/ blogs to link to your site’s page (which improves your search engine rankings). Google will find such backlinking signals to check if your content is worthy of being linked by other sites. If your content is deemed as interesting and trustworthy (and consequently, high-quality backlinks), expect better rankings for your web pages in Google results.

3. Leads to Higher SERP Rankings

Similar to the previous, content marketing can help you to be discovered with ease. Here’s how it can help you rank higher in SERPs. Try to create new and fresh content – this is one of Google’s ranking signals. Creating readable content is another way to boost your search ranking. In the same manner, try to create link-worthy content that’s authentic, well-researched and interesting to read. Of course, choosing the right keywords is important for a successful SEO content strategy so be sure to use the most relevant ones. Content marketing ticks all these boxes and can help your business stand out in the SERPs.

4. Creates Trust & Loyal Brand Advocates

The beauty of content marketing lies in the creation of value without asking for anything in return. When you create high-quality content that actually benefits your potential customers, you build credibility and trust. By choosing from the best content writing companies in Kolkata, you can craft effective copy that demonstrates your values and promote brand awareness. In the bargain, your audiences are more likely to trust your advice and recommendations before ever purchasing your product. They are also likely to become brand advocates in the future – but it all starts with content.

5. Generates Industry Authority Online

Content marketing is a great way to build your brand’s authority. Take Indeed for instance. For all career-related questions, it has become the go-to in the career space. However, establishing yourself as an authority is not an easy or overnight task. But the long-term benefits associated with it can be enormous! Through the assistance of a certified digital marketing content writer, your business can be recognized as a credible place for information and can help you dominate your industry space.

6. Builds Brand Awareness

Did you know that every content piece can be a new access point for potential customers? Content is the way to bridge the gap between you and your audiences. By using a smart SEO content strategy, your content (as well as your brand) can appear in the main spaces where your potential leads are looking for your type of offering. Write about subjects that interest your customers and also do keyword research to know the other related topics of interest. Hence, you can easily build brand awareness through this digital marketing technique.

7. Communicates Your Brand Voice

Every brand has its own identity which is not restricted to its logo. It’s more about a ‘persona’ that one can associate a brand with. The services of top-notch content writing companies in Kolkata like Digitale ensure a consistent voice and tone in every piece. In fact, big brands know how to maintain an identifiable style across all distribution channels. This works well since content can help you reveal all aspects of your business that people want to see. Hence, content helps to portray your full personality in a truly unique light.

8. Answers All the Big Questions

Content marketing established a direct line of communication with audiences. You can leverage this by illustrating just how useful your products/services are. For instance, a blog post that explains the benefits and applications of your products can help your audiences make an educated purchase. But you can also use content marketing to answer all the queries that your customers have. Through a digital marketing content writer, you can create content around common customer questions and can help anyone interested in such topics related to your business. In the process, your business will be the first name they approach in this regard.

9. Repurposes Content for Social Media

You can use your social media pages to promote your content. But more importantly, it can increase brand awareness and strengthen brand affinity as well. Another way that a good SEO content strategy helps your social media efforts is by repurposing content into sharable posts. For gaps in your social media calendar, you can diversify the type of content you provide on several platforms through content marketing. Promoting and distributing your work to larger audiences creates value on several social channels of communication.

10. Helps in Lead Generation Efforts

Unknown to many, content marketing also has the ability to generate leads. This is because audiences are more like to purchase from you once they view your content. More trustworthy content equals better chances of conversions! To make this more impactful, consider using a strong CTA in order to guide your reader to the required action. You’ll find that the content you post has the ability to spark conversions and help in lead generation – but only when done right. Precisely why it’s always recommended to choose from the best content writing companies in Kolkata!

Creating a smart SEO content strategy is one of the best decisions a business can ever make! Rather than pushing out brand messages, content marketing pulls in customers (much like a non-intrusive medium like newspaper advertising). In fact, quality content actually becomes the foundation for all marketing tactics! It is critical to growth and business can definitely reap rewards in the long run.

Especially when you choose one of the top content writing companies in Kolkata like Digitale.

Get in touch today and harness the real power of what content marketing has to offer!


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