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Top 5 Digital Marketing Jobs That Will be High on Demand in 2021

16-Apr-2021 | SEO

Over the recent years, digital marketing has gained a strong foothold over the marketing industry. Previously, brands were caged in conventional and traditional marketing techniques. But as time passed by and technology started to advance at a much faster pace, e-commerce and social media sites opened up a huge avenue for digital marketing.

Brands upon realizing this immense potential and influence marketing started shifting from traditional mediums to online mediums. This gave rise to new career opportunities in digital marketing and demand for experts and professionals.

In this article, we will explore the top five digital marketing jobs that have huge potential and demand in India.



Digital Marketing Manager


One of the highest paying jobs in online marketing is digital marketing manager. Many companies are on the lookout for talented and proficient managers who will lead their digital marketing teams. Their main job is to enhance the brand's online identity across various digital marketing platforms. 

To qualify for the role of digital marketing manager, you need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience. A certificate from a reputed digital marketing institution is an added bonus as it will definitely improve your chances of hiring. 

The starting salary of a digital marketing expert is 15 lakhs per annum but it can go as high as up to 40 lakhs per annum, depending on your experience. 



Social Media Marketing Expert


In India, social media has seen massive growth in terms of scope and opportunities. People, especially the younger generation, are engaged online on different social media platforms. Many brands have also shifted their business on social media as they see it as an incredible tool to increase their brand presence and connect with the relevant target audience. This has eventually led to the rise of social media marketing.

The prospect of social media marketing is bright. In companies, a social media expert has to oversee two areas: a) managing content across various social media channels and b) running paid advertising campaigns online. 

When brands tend to hire a social media executive or manager, they tend to look for an experienced candidate who has an idea of handling a brand’s social media accounts. Nowadays, more than qualifications, hiring managers look for qualities like leadership and team management in social media experts.

Since the job is in huge demand, the pay scale is also impressive. The average starting salary of a social media executive is 4 lakh per annum.





Have you come across ads or creative posts online that have instantly grabbed your attention through interesting wordplay? Do you still remember the jingle or tagline of some brands? Well, that is what the job of a good copywriter is. Through words and phrases, they successfully capture the essence of the brand and articulate the message or key emotions to the audience.

In today’s day and age, every brand needs a good copywriter. Apart from being proficient in grammar and basic English language, a copywriter needs to think out of the box and understand the pulse of the target audience. 

The good news about becoming a copywriter is that you do not need extensive prior experience. You need to write engaging and persuasive copies to drive engagement and sales for the brand.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO Executive)


Today, brands dabble with ways and techniques to bring traffic to their sites. Most of them tend to invest a good amount of money in campaigns to generate this output. However, you can achieve free and organic web traffic to your sites. This is possible through a technique called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. And the people who make this happen are called SEO executives.

The daily job of an SEO executive is interesting and challenging. You need to have basic skill sets like keyword research, page optimization, indexing pages, proficiency in webmaster tools, generating backlinks, etc. Usually, companies will hire experienced candidates for this role. Especially the ones who are adept at various SEO tools.

In an organization, SEO experts work in liaison with the content and digital marketing teams. They can have their own team or work as an individual contributor. 



PPC Executive


This can be termed as the analytical part of digital marketing. PPC or pay-per-click advertising has emerged as one of the most promising career prospects in recent times.

And for good reason too. Apart from the high pay, the job itself is challenging as well as rewarding. A PPC specialist oversees the management of pay-per-click advertising campaigns. You have to get involved with insights, research, strategy, design, basic SEO techniques, and analysis of the ads. 

When it comes to the qualification of PPC executives, most of them have certification courses from digital marketing institutes and hands-on experience in handling PPC campaigns. But apart from these requirements, a PPC executive needs to be creative, curious, organized, and have amazing time and team management skills.


There is no dearth of opportunities in digital marketing. It depends on what interests you and how you want to capitalize on them. If you think content is your strong game, then apply for jobs like a content writer or copywriter. If you think ideation and execution are your forte, then social media can be the right choice for you.

If you still want to explore further options and grow your career as an aspiring digital marketer, then apply to Digitale, a reputed digital marketing agency in Kolkata. With its internship/trainee programs, you will definitely get hands-on experience in digital marketing and learn the tricks of the trade.



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