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Ways to Improve Customer Experiences to Increase Your ROI

12-Jul-2022 | Digital Trends

Did you know that 1 in 3 customers will stop using products of your brand after just one negative interaction?

Yes, you heard that right.

PwC surveyed 15,000 consumers for their future CX report, and the results showed that 1 in 3 consumers would stop using a brand they previously adored after just one negative interaction.

In fact, 92% would completely boycott the brand after having two or three bad experiences.

Not to worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Top SEO agencies have social media management services that take care of the online customer experience for several brands.

Common Questions of Online Customer Experience Management

What Does Online  Consumer Experience (CX) Mean?

Online Customer Experience (CX) refers to how customers perceive a particular brand through their interactions with the said brand. This is how customers form an overall opinion of your business as they proceed through each stage of the buying process.

Why Does Customer Experience (CX) Matter?

One reason is that growing your business is challenging without clients. Yet, they play a crucial role in everything you do. Here are some additional details to help you understand why online customer experience management is so crucial if you're still not persuaded that it matters:

·        Customers are more likely to stick with brands that provide excellent CX. Considering that existing customers typically account for 65 percent of a company's business, providing a fantastic experience can help you improve that crucial retention rate.

·        Clients who have positive experiences might post reviews online, motivating others to use your services.

Customers are less likely to leave your business and choose your competitors over your services Therefore, CX has a direct impact on your churn rate – which is the number of customers or subscribers who stopped using your product or service within a specific time period.

Common Mistakes: Things NOT To Do

Not Paying Heed to Metrics

Even if you take customer experience seriously, without tracking metrics, you'll never be able to gauge the success of your Customer Experience policies.

Using Only Formal Communication

According to McKinsey research, 71 percent of customers expect businesses to provide personalized interactions.

It's not uncommon for businesses to treat customers as a group rather than as an audience made up of individuals. Although formal communication is needed so that your audience takes your brand seriously, personalized touch builds a genuine connection with your target audience. In addition, it creates a brand image founded on empathy. This gives rise to a loyal and forgiving audience that may choose to look past mistakes that your brand might make.

Forgetting To Train Employees

Suppose your staff lacks the necessary industry knowledge about your products or solid man-management skills. In that case, chances are that your customers may not get a seamless shopping experience, and this may result in them turning to your competitors instead.

How to improve CX to improve ROI?

There are several ways to gain an estimation of where your business stands in the current scheme of fostering a better customer experience. Online customer management services by digital marketing agencies help companies improve CX by employing vital online customer experience management strategies.

These are our five recommended strategies for promoting better CX for increasing business ROI

Track KPIs

Tracking KPIs should be a part of your wider marketing strategies. Looking into metrics like churn rate effectively tracks how likely your customers are to cancel your subscription or stop using your service. Another important metric is customer effort – which measures the easiness of customer operations for, e.g. – a complete checkout. A low customer effort score means indicates low customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Service

77 percent of customers, according to research by Khoros, anticipate that customer service representatives will share information so they won't have to repeat themselves. Make sure your customer support procedures are properly integrated, perhaps consider using customer relationship management (CRM) software. You can also use chatbots for a more enjoyable customer experience.

Builder Easier Transaction Interfaces

If you run an online store, this means that your customers want a simple checkout interface. The following suggestions for accelerating the procedure.

Create a guest checkout option so customers don't have to register for an account to make purchases.

Provide a variety of payment options, like Amazon Pay or mobile wallets like Google Pay, PhonePe, and so on.

Transparency in shipping and delivery fees is important.

Wherever possible, lessen the number of checkout screens.

Adapt Customer Interactions to Individuals

We have discussed how personalization can significantly increase customer acquisition and retention. But how do you customize customer interactions?

What you can do is:

Create customer profiles so you can identify your ideal client. Once you've identified your target market, you can divide your clientele into groups to send them relevant marketing materials that cater to their individual preferences.

Adopt an omnichannel strategy. According to Zendesk's research, companies with higher CX scores provide consistent, dependable experiences across all mediums, from in-store shopping to purchasing goods via a mobile app.

Utilize the information you gather from customers to conduct surveys and make an effort to follow up on respondents.

Give Your Employee Incentives

Your customers interact with your employees. Hence, it is important to ask for feedback from your employees to know if they are satisfied with the resources and company policies. If not, it becomes difficult for them to deliver good customer service in the long haul. It is also important to solve their pain points using good CRM software. Lastly, provide added bonuses to your employees by incentivizing the work of converting a new customer.

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