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Why Choose a Digital Branding Agency in Kolkata?

25-Oct-2021 | Digital Trends

As stated by the Cambridge Dictionary, branding can be defined as “the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services.” This definition however does not seem to transcend visual identity. While any branding agency in Kolkata will help in this feat, keep in mind that there is so much more to it. Branding largely has more to do with the way we see and perceive brands and how they wish to be remembered in the minds of people.

Every individual brand strives to represent something and is not just a mere provider of goods and services. In fact, a brand stands as a symbol of quality and expectations in regard to its unique offerings and traits. In this regard, opting for digital marketing services in Kolkata with an emphasis on branding can do wonders. But before that, take a look at the aspects that are involved when developing a brand:

  • Social responsibility
  • Reputation
  • Visuals and packaging
  • Customer service
  • Advertising, etc.

So the next question begs, what does a branding agency do exactly?

Offering specialized services to establish, improve and maintain the faces of brands, they take charge of all communication routes to work on their positioning and reception among audiences. But first, any branding agency in Kolkata will strive to understand the essence that comprises your brand – your goals, values, culture and all that contributes to its identity.

By getting under their skin, they determine how the same uniqueness will be presented.
Here is a deeper understanding of how it functions and the services it renders.

Reasons to Hire a Branding Agency For Your Brand

A meaningful logo. An attention-grabbing headline. A compelling website. An engaging ad campaign. When you opt for digital marketing in Kolkata, you are entitled to such services - at strong points where brands and consumers interact. The team comprises a team of designers, developers, strategists and copywriters as well as designated individuals well-versed with social media, SEO or even media planning. 

The list goes on and may vary from place to place. A popular advertising agency in Kolkata like Digitale houses an elite team of the same to give your brand the best possible branding solutions. But if you’re still in doubt, here’s a compact list of reasons to opt for one.

Why Should You Hire a Branding Agency?

  • To create, plan, measure and manage strategies for clients
  • To influence communication and how people perceive a brand
  • To tap on target markets with more room for expansion
  • To get a fresh, innovative perspective for a brand
  • To leverage the knowledge, resources and expertise of the agency

When you opt for the services of a creative branding agency in Kolkata, you don’t just get branding solutions. You are also entitled to their effective strategies and research as well as their proven areas of expertise in a cross-section of industries. Whether differentiation or staying ahead in a specific segment, agencies such as these keep your brand ahead of the curve by utilizing all channels for effective communication.

Here’s what a branding agency in Kolkata can bring to the table.

What are the Services Offered by a Branding Agency?

  • Creation of logo design
  • Inception of brand identity
  • Effective brand messaging
  • Strong brand positioning
  • Establishing a brand voice

The Takeaway: An Instance of Successful Branding

The classic instance of branding done right is a peek at Coca-Cola’s legacy. In an attempt to create a lasting imprint on the consciousness of consumers, the brand made smart moves in the marketing game throughout time. Here are 3 cases that contributed to its worldwide success:

Key design: When the brand was losing market share in 1915, it decided to opt for a new bottle design to showcase itself as a premium product. The result was a proprietary bottle that was inspired by the distinct shape of the cocoa pod - which still retains its status as the most recognizable bottle in the world.

Logo: The timeless font of Spencerian Script deliberately used in 1923 in its logo serves as a mark of distinction even today – making it easily identifiable among people for generations to follow.

Tagline: “Taste the feeling.” Rather than using the drink as a product, the focus was shifted to something that brings happiness to family and friends. It sells the lifestyle that is strongly linked to the brand – something that enjoys universal appeal and cuts across all boundaries.

We at Digitale know the best ways to make your brand a class apart from the competition.
Get in touch with us and discover exceptional branding services tailored to your unique brand and vision. 


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