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Why Digitale is the Best Brand Animation Company in Kolkata

24-Sep-2021 | Our Signature

The entertainment and media industry has leveraged the benefits of animation for years now. However, it is now being used extensively in several fields for several purposes and has proven to be a vital part of digital marketing. There has been a hike in demand for an animation company in Kolkata and this is justified due to a variety of reasons as listed below.

How Can Animated Content Help Your Marketing Strategy?

  • More visually appealing than text and images
  • Clear, crisp and simple demonstrations of products
  • Simplication of complicated ideas and operations
  • Besides promotional content, it can add value to lives
  • Eye-catching renditions of features to hold attention
  • Creates experiences that make a big impact
  • Ease in sharability for added engagement and awareness

With digitization becoming an integral part of modern living, video has become the new trend. To assist in the understanding of products, 97% of marketers claim that videos have helped. Consequently, 81% of businesses have started using video when creating a digital marketing strategy. On the other side of the spectrum, 90% of consumers have claimed that video has helped make a purchasing decision.

And using the services of an animation studio in Kolkata will help towards that end.

For such reasons as mentioned above, animation videos can showcase your products in a way that no other media can. Strong visual effects leave a lasting impression and can portray so much in an effective manner. Keeping all this in mind, you will require the services of the best animation studio in India if you wish to stand out from the clutter of competition. And for the same, there’s one name that you can definitely trust.

Digitale: The First Choice for an Animation Company in Kolkata

The City of Joy has turned into a hub for animation in recent times. Everyone is on the lookout for ways to stay ahead of the curve and an animation studio in Kolkata has been known to bring a variety of benefits. Providing expert services related to animation, now fulfil your goals and objectives effortlessly with the help of Digitale.  

Offering innovative and out of the box solutions, here’s what you can expect:

  • Animation Static Films
  • Motion Graphic Films
  • Live-Action Shoots
  • Physical Film Production

Digitale helps brands and businesses carve a niche for themselves in the digital hyperspace by creating customized solutions as per your brand essence. Mixing your vision with imagination and meaning, this animation company in Kolkata brings effective means of storytelling that is bound to make others stop and stare. As you already know, visuals have proven to be more effective than words when conveying a marketing message and Digitale knows the best ways how.

But it doesn’t just end there.

This animation studio in Kolkata is well-versed with the diverse intricacies concerning digital marketing and has laid the foundation of success for reputed brands like Khadim and Greenply. Its digital experts and special skillsets ensure the finest quality of work while marketing your products skillfully and effectively.

Be it through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing or Content Creation, the interdisciplinary skills of its team will skyrocket your business to success. For all your modern advertising needs, discover exceptional 360-degree solutions now with Digitale!

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