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YouTube vs. Instagram Marketing : Which Platform to Consider?

20-Jun-2022 | Digital Trends

Came into being in 2005, YouTube is an online video-sharing platform that allows users from around the world to like, comment, and share them on their personal YT profiles and other social media platforms. On the other hand, Instagram started in 2010 as primarily a photo and video-sharing social networking service that has undergone its own share of transformation. 

Since YouTube enjoys a whopping 93.4% daily reach backed by 274+ million unique users, digital marketing agencies have started looking to our most popular platform/app for online traction today. Instagram is also not behind by any means. Every year, the app receives over 1 billion downloads worldwide. Instagram advertising is so popular and profitable that 90 percent of prominent brands have established a presence on the platform in order to better target their demographic. All over the world and in India, the top digital marketing agencies connect Instagram and YouTube to leverage the maximum in terms of online presence.

So, how do we decide which platform to choose?

Let's find out!

Instagram And Youtube: Cross-Link For Better Engagement

Initially, YouTube started as a platform for advertising and promotion. Slowly, it became a hub for content creators to express themselves. Instagram soon got up to speed due to its potential for visualization and colossal boom after 2015. YouTubers and Instagram have over a billion active users, with YT taking the lead standing at 2.5B. 

Therefore, influencers are not cherry-picking anymore. Instead, they cross-channeling content to gain more traction on every platform. For instance, Youtube is a great place for long-form content. Hence, these influencers generate micro content (teasers, trailers, bloopers, specific segments) from the long content and post them on Instagram as reels, stories (on YT, too), and short videos with CTAs that redirect them to YouTube.

Doing so gives the TA the freedom to watch quick highlights or the full-length video on Youtube. Such linking and content segregation promotes democratic viewing. It allows for more views and, ultimately, better engagement. Hence, the best digital marketing agencies use the best of both worlds – YouTube and Instagram to maximize online engagement.

Why is Choosing YouTube Important?

YouTube not only has your target audience, but being the internet's second-largest search engine, it may also assist you in enhancing your SEO and overall brand presence. In addition, marketers may use YouTube to present distinctive content that viewers can easily consume and share.

Compelling YouTube Facts and Figures

  • Monthly Active Users: 2+ billion 

  • Male: Female Split (%): 62:38

  • Average Time Spent Per User: 7.4 minutes daily

  • Category: Entertainment & Lifestyle

With 2.5 billion active users, YouTube is no longer just a place to watch hilarious videos. In fact, YouTube is a serious marketing channel that allows your brand to promote genuine and visually engaging content to further your brand's presence.

It will help if you use inbound marketing tactics when marketing your YouTube channel and videos. Create content that tells an intriguing story while providing essential information to your audience. Cross market such content by linking all socials with clear CTAs to optimise your content.

Why is Choosing Instagram Important?

Instagram's power and reach are undeniable, with one billion monthly active users. What began as a basic photo-sharing software platform has evolved into an immersive social experience (reels, IGTV, stories) that allows users to enhance a company's social identity online.

Instagram users place a premium on high-quality content. Create images that deliver interesting information to your audience or showcase your business in a new, distinctive way.

Maintaining consistent growth on a platform that embodies your brand's visual identity can be daunting. However, marketing agencies that adeptly tap into Instagram make the process enjoyable and straightforward.

Compelling YouTube Facts and Figures

  • Monthly Active Users: 800 million

  • Male: Female Split (%): 49:51>

  • Time Spent Per User: 53 mins Daily

  • Category: Social Media

Final Thoughts

While choosing any platform can benefit your company, cross-linking both platforms is a better long-term strategy to maximize visitors. This is where an authentic digital marketing agency like Digitale housing  Youtube & Instagram experts can help you juice the most out of these platforms. If you're looking for a comprehensive digital strategy to streamline your Instagram and YouTube marketing campaigns, look no further than Digitale – for all things SEO, Content, and campaigns. 


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