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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

26-Jul-2021 | Social Media


The importance of social media today cannot be underestimated. With more internet users on the rise, new potential customers, as well as new markets, are waiting to be tapped. Jumping from 19.13% (2015) to 54.58% (2021) of the country’s population, there has been a tremendous growth of people accessing social networks. The only downside is that not many businesses are aware of why a good social marketing strategy is so essential in today’s world.

By leveraging popular social media sites, you can easily build your brand online.

But first, here are some concrete reasons for your business to opt for social media.

To promote your content

Everyone knows that social media advertising is growing faster than ever. There are more than 3 million businesses that are actively advertising on Facebook today! And even better, 70% of these companies are outside the US. Furthermore, did you know that there are 330 million Facebook users in India (Statista 2021)? With a smart social media marketing strategy, you can definitely make several mediums work to your advantage. This also entails relatively lower ad costs which create strong impacts in terms of impressions and targeted reach. In fact, it is sure to become a necessity as businesses start to realize its true potential.

To enhance brand awareness

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy for businesses to spread the word about their variety of offerings and mission that guides them. Of course, consumers only make purchases from brands they recognize. Using social media planning, you can get your brand in front of relevant audiences quicker and in a more impactful way. The better your reputation on social media, the better your online brand presence. Remember to pay attention to presentation – set up your profile for better appeal with a catchy description at the bottom. And of course, the logo should be recognizable for a stronger connect among audiences.

To increase inbound traffic

Maintaining an active blog is a great way to engage your audience. But when you share content on Instagram or Facebook, you can amplify your reach up to 10 times! This is sure to especially help start-ups that wish to harness the potential of social media marketing. Also, note that each platform is linked to a certain type of consumer. Professionals prefer LinkedIn, millennials prefer Instagram and the list goes on. Hence, these play the role of avenues that help you to connect effectively, even beyond your base. But ensure that your content is fresh, relevant and good in quality before posting it on social media sites. Don’t forget to add social sharing options or links for stronger impacts. Consequently, you can expect better inbound traffic.

To improve SEO strategies

As mentioned previously, a good social media marketing strategy can help direct referral traffic to your site/ blog.  While it doesn’t directly contribute to SEO ranking, it increases brand exposure through the links you share across platforms. Google gets ‘social signals’ of valuable content through shares, likes and comments that your posts receive. This can have a good impact on rankings! The only catch is that you must produce high-quality and authoritative content which will help external sites link to your content. Similarly, good content will also lead consumers to wonder who’s behind it – they may look your business up online after that.

To tell your brand’s story

Every brand has a unique story behind it – its objective, Unique Selling Proposition and reputation among others. You can see this from another angle. Your story will lead to how customers will remember you. Tell your brand narrative in a way so as to resonate with the right people. This includes the actual users of your products/services. Through smart social media planning, reinforce what you stand for (purpose, vision or values) and your brand’s message. While giving your brand a more human, relatable touch, every post makes way for new possibilities to capture attention and creation an emotional impact among audiences.

To increase conversion rates

With a good knowledge of what social media involves come better chances of capturing targeted leads and even increasing your conversion rates. Also make sure you have a landing page to which you can direct this traffic. Remember that using a sales-led approach in social media planning may not work every time. Rather, choose a route that showcases how products/services can add value to your daily life. Social proof is a great way to assure the same. Here are a few more ways to boost conversions:

  • Through social media influencer marketing
  • Through relevant user-generated content
  • Through the use of strong calls to action
  • Through exciting contests and giveaways

To foster customer satisfaction

‘When the customer comes first, the customer will last.’ Using social media, you have the opportunity to understand their needs and solve problems for them. That’s why personalized customer service is highly effective today. Make a place for this in your social media marketing strategy and in the process, you can build meaningful relationships between them. While many inquire about issues related to products/ services, be sure to revert back to time-sensitive requests as quickly as possible. Hence, using social media assures immediate interaction and customer feedback which can be handled just as easy.

To establish yourself online

People look towards brands for necessary information and insights and of course, social media is the best place for it. Regardless of the industry, all brands try to establish themselves as thought leaders (on topics based on their niche). LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most effective ways to do so. By becoming a trusted source of information, you will see more traffic as your page becomes more authoritative in the eyes of others. Aim to become the ‘go-to’ for specific topics/ subjects and make the most of your social media marketing ventures.

To amplify brand loyalty

It’s not about the number of followers that define brand loyalty. It’s about those consumers that add real value by trusting the name and giving positive feedback without the push. Hence, it’s more to do with engagement and better conversations. So while planning for social media marketing, keep these few tips to drive brand loyalty in mind:

  • Sharing valuable, useful content
  • Responding to queries quickly and carefully
  • Sharing content with a consistent voice
  • Engaging in real conversations and interactions
  • Broadcasting important announcements

To engage with audiences

One of the most significant reasons for businesses to use social media is due to engagement. This is a metric that implies how many people are interacting with accounts and content. Its necessity lies in the fact that it is a metric that indicated whether or not you (and your content) are making an impact. It covers several aspects such as likes, comments, shares and retweets, clicks, DMs and so on. Social media influencer marketing has turned out to be a great way to assure the same. Engagement builds relationships and trust that results in meaningful conversations which can turn into followers/ customers. Prioritize quality over quantity and work towards a positive brand experience.

These 10 compelling reasons surely prove why every business needs social media today.

And if you’re ready to take your presence to the next level, get in touch to learn more.


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