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Digital Media Marketing Trends Taking Place Right Now

11-Feb-2022 | Digital Trends

The tides of digital marketing in India are ever-changing. To navigate their way to success, marketers must stay on top of emerging trends. A well-thought-out social media marketing strategy in Kolkata that worked before will not necessarily work again. One should have a sound knowledge of new algorithms, updates and features to ensure maximum effectiveness of campaigns.

In fact, this is proving to be a necessity!

Where SEO and Content Marketing have been established in the past, there are numerous trends flying below the radar. To upgrade your digital marketing game in India, we have listed the latest practices to help you thrive amidst such changes. Here’s all you need to know!

Top 4 Digital Marketing Media Trends in India You Should Know

Zero-click searches

Every brand is trying to rank #1 on SERPs. But ‘position zero’ has become a priority in recent times as far as recent digital marketing media trends in India go. Have you ever seen a small snippet (extract) of information when you search for something? This position – Position Zero – provides the best answer to a search query. By re-evaluating your content and focusing on subjects that need attention, you can stand out from the rest on a SERP.

These featured snippets are normally a response to questions. These include terms like who, how, where, what and why. Based on these, Google pulls out content from the first 10 organic results and shows in on Position Zero. They can appear in several formats – paragraph form, list or even as a table. That’s why you must structure your content accordingly with the best digital marketing company. Check out how different search queries look in Google and decide whether it’s important to have your brand featured in that space.


As we are flooded with marketing messages, reaching out to the masses has lost its effectiveness. This is where personalization bridges the gap. With the objective of establishing a real connection, a personalized experience can help you earn your customer’s loyalty with ease. And no, this digital marketing media technique in India is not just adding a person’s name to an email.

The best examples of successful personalization are what Netflix and Amazon have been doing for the past few years. Providing exactly what users desire, its helpful suggestions have become a part of the shopping/viewing experience. This is precisely why this social media marketing strategy in Kolkata can help you fare better than others. By understanding exactly what your audiences require, your CTR can skyrocket! However, don’t overdo it with very specific/personalized messages – it will have the opposite effect.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

A social media marketing strategy in Kolkata is incomplete without UGC. Real testimonies from real people are perhaps the most powerful than any form of brand content. Not only does it create innovative and memorable campaigns but also nurtures relationships and communities. Based on authenticity, this digital marketing technique is cost-effective as well as impactful. It is normally used during discounts, prizes and other such contests.

The best use of UGC can be seen from Apple’s iPhone 6. The brand encourages users to take shots from their smartphones and upload them with a hashtag. But rather than repost it, Apple used the best submissions on billboards and print ads across the globe! This successful campaign received about 6.5 billion media impressions with 95% positive mentions. When real people are passionate and promote your brand, your digital marketing media efforts in India will prove to be a success!

Conversational marketing

Using a conversational approach in terms of communication can yield great results. This trend emphasizes one-on-one interactions that carry a personal touch. Whether through chatbots or live chat, it can make the buying experience a seamless affair. After all, the greatest customer experiences are the ones that tend to feel the most personal.

This technique can help at every stage of a customer’s online journey. Visitors can educate themselves with ease, prospects will find more information on products and existing customers can avail themselves support with ease. Thanks to the magic of automation, marketing professionals can reach out and interact with each customer without spending a lot of time. Hence, conversation marketing occupies a central part in today’s digital media marketing trends in India.


For anyone looking to make the most of your marketing efforts, this short guide will definitely help. While changes are inevitable, you must be able to embrace them to gain a competitive edge. Choose Digitale, the best digital marketing company to carve a niche for yourself without the fear of missing out. Get in touch with our experts and discover how these trends can work to your advantage!


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