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Popular Platforms Used by Top Media Buying Agencies

22-Oct-2021 | Our Signature


Advertising has embedded itself into every aspect of our daily life. This is because of the constant ads that bombard us on several devices and platforms. But have you ever wondered how these ads reach us or for that matter, how it takes place? This is done through a process called media buying. By hiring one of the top media buying agencies, you can effectively target your audiences at the right time and the right place. 

In that regard, media ‘buying’ entails the purchase of ad space and time which takes place on both digital as well as offline platforms - TV, radio, websites, YouTube and several mobile apps. In tandem with these, a media buyer also negotiates for ad inventory and optimizes ads for improved campaign performance. Media buying agencies are responsible for getting brands in front of their target market based on their activities like scrolling through a website or via offline means. 

Maximum exposure and reach with the least amount of expenditure through relevant placements in timing and channels - these perfectly sum up what media buying is all about. Any PPC agency in Kolkata can help you with the same. To ensure these, there are three types of tactics that are used at large:

Manual bidding: Bidding on ad spaces while managing them directly through ad platforms
Programmatic buys: AI and algorithm-based real-time bids which match consumer profiles 
Direct buys: Negotiation between media buyer and advertiser for ad rates and run times 

Now that you have a brief idea, here’s a list of the best platforms for media buying.

Google Display and Video 360

This media buying platform easily stands as one of the best solutions for advertisers today. Not only does it give you access to premium ad inventory but also provides vital features which are sure to benefit advertisers. This ranges from campaign management to customized data-driven creative assistance as well as automated bidding and custom targeting. DV360 works even better due to its seamless integration with Google Analytics and other products which is beneficial if your team is already using these tools. So whether TV or YouTube, this might just be the ideal media buying tool for you. 

Amazon DSP

Everyone’s heard of Amazon, an eCommerce giant that has a worldwide presence for its services and solutions. Hence, Amazon DSP is a trusted platform for brands to grow efficiently. Currently hailed as the most sought after Demand Side Platform, it prioritizes brand safety by avoiding risky and unsuitable environments for your ads. You can also reach users on Amazon-owned websites such as Audible and IMDb through this. 

The Trade Desk

Boasting ad inventory from Spotify, ESPN and Wall Street Journal, it is a leading digital media buying platform today. In fact, the Trade Desk is definitely a priority if you wish to have access to premium publishers. Also, keep your eyes on its AI-driven ‘Koa’ feature which helps determine the smartest and most cost-effective way to run your campaigns (from 600+ billion daily queries). Its cross-device targeting capabilities further adds to its preference. 

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Similar to Google’s DV360, Adobe Advertising Cloud provides effective ways to better reach your target groups. Be it through premium inventory management or cross-screen planning, you can look forward to maximizing returns on your ad spends. You have the advantage of seamless integration (Like Google) for easier collaboration and cross-date analysis. Hence, this DSP by Adobe offers brilliant overall assistance for remarkable results. 

Ad Colony

Whether IOS or Android, you can reach these users effectively through Ad Colony. Its ad placements and variety of formats make it a great choice added to its stunning 450 million app users. It also has more than 90k direct app integrations. You can test several formats like full-screen, interactive and interstitial and then optimize the ones which fetch the best results. It is definitely worth a try as a platform for media buying agencies. 


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