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The Main Pillars of a Successful SEO Content Strategy Explained

16-Jun-2022 | SEO

SEO easily stands out as the backbone of digital marketing. One can create incredible pieces of content. However, if those pieces aren’t well optimized, the potential impact of all that effort remains untapped. That is why we require these four SEO pillars that further break down and streamline the science of SEO into doable, actionable steps. Used by any top SEO agency in Kolkata and the world over, this structure makes optimizing your content for search engines easier. Hence, it results in higher rankings and more traffic.

What are the pillars of SEO?

The following pillars of SEO have all the makings of a successful SEO strategy.
The four pillars of SEO are as follows - 

  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content
  • Off-page SEO

Let's now talk about each category in a little more detail. 

On-Page SEO

The SEO involved in optimizing web page content for search engines and users is on-page SEO. Title tags, content, internal links, and URLs are standard on-page SEO practices. However, it is more than just cramming keywords into the relevant areas of your content piece. It is also about designing the website, emphasizing the UI/UX to make it more user-friendly. In addition, On-page SEO factors in the Bounce Rate, Dwell Time, and Page Loading Speed for better website optimization. Essentially, top SEO agencies in Kolkata pay attention to these factors to optimize for increased engagement.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures that a search engine can read your content and explore your website. However, the content management system(WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) takes care of it mostly, and tools like Screaming Frog and Deep Crawl can crawl your site and highlight technical issues. There are many affordable SEO services in India that can further take the load off your back by doing these for you. 

The following are the main points to consider:

Crawling - Google should be able to crawl through your website easily to make sure relevant content ranks first for its users.   
Indexing – It should be clear which pages of your website should be indexed and returned by the search engine.
Mobile – Does your website load faster on mobile interfaces? Google pays heavy importance to the mobile optimization of your websites.
Speed - Fast page load times help lower the bounce rate of a website.  

SEO Content is King

Content reigns supreme. How many times have we heard this phrase? Your website is nothing more than a container for your content. Your content informs potential customers about what you do, where you do it, whom you've done it for, and why they should use your company. But, if you're smart, your content should go beyond these cliché brochure-type elements to assist your potential customers in achieving their objectives. However, you need an SEO content strategy to structure your content in a coherent manner.

We can loosely divide SEO content strategy into three categories:

Service Content – A lucid piece of content that effectively communicates the types of services, relevant industry applications, and the client testimonies and case studies that reinstate your company's position.

Trustworthy Content - Why should a potential customer interact with your company? The content has to be free of plagiarism, sourced from credible sources, preferably with outbound links to such sources with proper citations at the bottom. Only authentic content structured by a solid SEO strategy will survive the test of time.

Content for Marketing - Content that establishes you as an expert and places your company in front of potential customers earlier in the buying cycle.

Off-Page SEO

Building domain authority is the main focus of off-page SEO for all top SEO agencies in Kolkata. Generating quality backlinks is a big part of establishing your page authority. Links (inbound and outbound) are still an essential part of building strong organic rankings, but they can be the most challenging aspect of SEO to master.

It's critical to lay down your linking strategy before starting, as it can make or break your link-building efforts. Since link building is complicated, having the right vision in tandem with a solid SEO content strategy can go a long way to keep you ahead of your competitors.

But how do we go about doing this? Only relevant sources should be linked. To scale our link-building efforts beyond the obvious tactics, we must first create something that adds value to the users first. Anchor texts that redirect you to relevant places are key.

Although Wikipedia has millions of links, they have never actively done any link building in all probability. This is because they have a wealth of useful content that is linked. These are genuine, natural links that add value to the linking page, provide additional context, and act as the true connective tissue of our hyperlinked world of the web.

Summing Up

As you can see, developing a solid SEO content strategy isn't difficult, but putting it into an actionable structure can be challenging.

Expect to hit some bumps along the way and a great deal of trial and error. However, once you've figured out a winning formula, all you have to do now is rinse and repeat to see the kind of audience growth you've always wanted. However, availing of the affordable SEO services of top agencies in Kolkata can make your life easier on the digital marketing front. 

And, this is where a clear expert in digital marketing like Digitale India comes into play. An industry-leading Digital marketing agency housing a team of SEO and Content experts that can get your SEO game up one post at a time - be it organic or inorganic. So, if you want scalable, realistic growth of your online business for better reach and engagement, look no further than Digitale India - your one-stop for all things SEO and Content!




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