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Video Marketing In 2017

15-Sep-2017 | Digital Trends

What is Video Marketing?

If a photo can speak thousand words, then how invaluable can a video be?

That’s the ground of video marketing, a forward-facing digital marketing strategy that demonstrates engaging video into marketing campaigns.

Video marketing can be utilized for almost everything from developing an established customer rapport to promoting your brand. Also, video marketing can serve as a major platform to promote consumer testimonials, explainer content, company story or product content, live video streaming events and can also assist to deliver viral video content.

Video Marketing Figures and Stats

The popularity of YouTube has transformed the way we watch videos. With most of the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat operating on a video platform, video consumption has increased to an incredible level. An average one-minute video sum to 1.8 million words. Therefore, with passing days, the essence of reading to comprehend and grok things well is being undertaken by videos. General communication on Messenger and Whatsapp are getting outmaneuvered by animated GIFs and short video clips. 

On the grounds of video marketing engagement, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide considers video as the kind of content with the best Return on Investment (ROI). The marketers who take the assistance of videos visualize a growth in revenue by 49% more than non-video users. Videos generate 157% uprise in organic traffic from SERPs. Videos which are up to two minutes long gets the most relevant engagement. Including a video on the landing page has 53% more chance to show up on page one of the search results. A video clubbed with an initial email is prone to receive an increase in click-through rate (CTR) by 96%. In the year 2017, 44% of the small marketing business owners have planned to invest in video content on Facebook.

Video marketing is a strategy that must be implemented by brands to remain on the same page with the end users. Keeping this in mind, Lux Cozi strived to attract a new audience for their brand through video marketing. We as a digital media agency effectively promoted Lux Cozi’s new brand film portraying Varun Dhawan as their brand ambassador. With our assistance, Lux was able to garner over 1.3 million views in their brand film on YouTube. The entire handiwork and set up from the perfect launch of Varun Dhawan’s campaign to successful execution helped the Lux campaign meet their goal of opening up to the new audiences for their brand. Therefore, with the advancement of technology, video marketing platform is sailing at an accelerating rate with major giants making its move on to this bandwagon.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

1) Videos build trust, reliability and authenticity

As per HubSpot, 64% of the users hold a relevant possibility of purchasing a product online after viewing a video. Moreover, 80% of users from their eidetic memory recall a video advertisement they viewed a month back.

There are 4 kinds of videos the business can rely on to increase the level of trust and authenticity with the consumers.

1) Testimonial videos

2) Company story content videos

3) Explainer videos

4) Product videos

The above videos create an emotional attachment with the consumers which builds a paramount making the business strong.

2)Videos upholds search engine rankings

Google favors the videos. Studies reveal, if a website encapsulates valuable video content, there remains a significant chance for the website to gain better ranking on Google Search Engine. Moreover, the end users invest relevantly more time on a website with video content. Therefore, more the user spends time on the website, greater is the signal received by the search engines about valuable website content. Also, featuring a video on the landing page of the website can lead to an increment of conversions by 80%. Hence, a new addition of fresh engaging video content with properly inserted keywords on the website improves the SEO of the company organically and prevents the bounce rate.

3)Videos give way to social sharing and awareness creation

More the sharing on social networking sites more is the reach, interaction, awareness and chances of getting sale or conversion. With an increase in the usage of smartphone devices, video sharing on social networks has witnessed a mind-boggling leap. According to Hubspot, around 92% of the mobile video users share videos with others in a different conversation or social networks.

Moreover, the autoplay videos on Instagram and Facebook has received huge traction with users sharing and engaging with the interactive content instantly. Today, mediums like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat ply on profitable money because of the launch of various additions like live streaming, life stage and ephemeral content.

Therefore, social sharing leads to an increment in traffic to the brand’s website with intuitive, innovation and interactive video content making a mark on the inbound marketing strategies.

4)Videos assists to get better email marketing click-through rate (CTR)

Email marketing is the tool utilized on the digital front to attract leads. But however, in today’s globe to garner attention towards an email among a heap of emails has become difficult. According to a study conducted by Animoto, if the term ‘video’ is added on the subject then it can lead to an increment by 19% garnering an increase in CTR by 65% and reducing the number of unsubscribers by 26%. Also, adding a video to the email leads to 200-300% increase in CTR. Hence, it is essential to be innovative, crisp and use the power of video to build and generate more leads from an email marketing campaign.

What Digitale can do for your business?

As a Full Service Digital Media Agency, Digitale views video marketing as a means to promote, brand and grow the business on the online front. With an increase in video interaction, it is essential and vital to ramp up video marketing to connect with relevant audience and break the age-old clutter of written content and text. Videos offer a compelling way to build engagement, yield better results like click throughs, social shares, lead generation, conversion or sales. Therefore, video marketing in today’s era has become the best strategy to garner exposure while assisting to gain the bottom line for any business online.

Digitale can assist you to promote your videos on online channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to reach out to the relevant masses, increase brand awareness, improve SEO rankings and drive sales through engagement. Moreover, our social media pricing is entirely bespoke and is on the basis of the brand’s current situation and end goals or objectives. Therefore, in this video oriented globe remember not to lag behind instead follow the new trend to remain ahead of time.


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